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10 Absolute Best Messy Bobs

We can’t get enough of the bob around here. The haircut is a style juggernaut. Even though it’s been around for ages, in 2015 its level of popularity skyrocketed. Suddenly everyone—from those on the red carpets of Hollywood to the gray concrete sidewalks of Anytown, USA—was sporting a bob.

It seems like we’re all pretty heavily in favor of the bob continuing its domination, because we’re well into 2016 and the bob is hotter than ever. That means it’s officially time to crown our favorite bob looks. Seeing as how messy, choppy waves make our hearts leap and our knees weak, we’ve done a roundup of the best messy bobs. So go on . . . gawk, stare, shed a tear for their tousled glamour.

1. Emma Stone’s Choppy Ginger-Red Bob with Side Bangs


Emma Stone always kills with her bangs. When you throw in a chunky, messy red bob, you’ve got a lethal style combination. The fullness of her bangs and those choppy ends are to-die-for. Though she’s clearly glammed up in this picture, this hairstyle would work perfectly with a more casual outfit.

2. Piecey Ombre Bob


The color that’s been applied to this look is noticeable but somehow still kind of subtle, too. Blonde highlights add variation to the rich brown base. We’re also digging how the cut slopes down as it comes forward, which is reminiscent of a graduated bob but isn’t quite as severe.

3. Kaley Cuoco’s Choppy Bronde-to-Blonde Bob


Kaley Cuoco looks fabulous post-haircut, even if she’s nervous about the finished product. We love the texture, which is overall quite messy but also has a bit of a wave to it. Additional accolades go to the color, which complements her pretty hazel eyes, and the fun side part.

4. Wavy Raven-Black Long Bob


This is the wavy bob with a middle part you’ve been dreaming of. The cut is at the perfect length, just hitting her shoulders when she bends her head, and the waves in the hair really bring that out. The sleek raven color is uber gorgeous.

5. Ash-Brown Wavy Bob


The big, bouncy waves in this bob are playful and fun, while the light ash-brown color is dynamic and a bit unexpected. It seems to have a bit of gray in it, which gives off a more mature vibe than a color with lighter tones would.

6. Messy Light-Blonde Bob


If the previous haircut had a more grownup aura to it, this look definitely gives off a “young, wild, and free” type of energy. Light blonde will do that! Paired with a shorter length, though, you have a good mix of youthfulness and maturity. The messy waves and blunt overall length are super sweet.

7. Wavy Chocolate-Brown Bob


Ooh la la! We’re feeling the amour with this look. It sends out a sophisticated yet frisky vibe, with its spunky length and messy waves. It’s also another bob that’s ever so slightly longer in front. Our favorite part of this style might just be the luxurious brown color, which makes us crave—you guessed it—chocolate.

8. Messy Blonde Bob


This bob seems primed for the runway. Maybe it’s the messy texture, which looks like it got that way with a healthy helping of pomade. But even if you don’t use any product with this cut, you’ll still look fantastic, as it’s blunt and hitting at just the right length to turn heads.

9. Lauren Conrad’s Slightly Messy Butterscotch-Blonde Bob


Lauren Conrad is obviously a style maven, but she couldn’t be more on point than she is here with this rich blonde bob. The color isn’t a shade of blonde you typically see, even though it is on the lighter side, and that makes us adore it. Lauren’s cut has slight waves and blunt ends, which are the secret ingredients to achieving a picture-perfect messy bob.

10. Messy Espresso-Brown Long Bob


This bob has everything: perfect chunky, wavy texture; perfect just-above-the-shoulders length; perfect movement; perfect, stunning brown color. Therefore we would like to know the name and number of the person who styled this gorgeous brown bob, because we need them to work their styling magic on us immediately.

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