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10 Hottest Celebrity Hairstyles with Bangs

We can’t help it: we love taking our beauty cues from celebrities. We’re well aware that they have stylists and personal assistants and basically the whole friggin’ world at their disposal. We just love to see them take risks, because it reminds us that we can do it too. When Taylor Swift dazzled the cameras with her freshly colored bright-blonde bob or Jennifer Hudson chopped off all her hair into a sweet pixie, we instantly started considering whether each look would work atop our noggins.

It’s no different when a celeb presents the world with a sassy chop and—lo and behold—bangs are the focal point of the entire look. We immediately want those short strands cozying up to our foreheads.

Below, we’ve featured 10 celebs who have hit the hairstyle jackpot by adding in bangs to their looks. The only thing we’re unsure about? Which ‘do we’re coveting most.

1. Selena Gomez’s Short-to-Long Tapered Bangs

selena gomez bangs

Selena recently changed up her look, and the effect is stunning. This photo makes her usually dark brown hair look almost tawny, and the thickness factor is unstoppable. What we love most, though, are those gorgeous piecey bangs, which are long on the sides and shorter in the middle, framing her heart-shaped face in the most perfect way.

2. Naomi Campbell’s Slightly Parted Eye-Dusting Bangs


Naomi’s long, stick-straight ebony hair not only displays an epic sheen here, but it also boasts a trendy set of long bangs. Her fringe is so long it seems to be tickling her eyelashes, but she’s parted them slightly in the middle for ultimate wearability. If this look isn’t a hairstyle “do,” we don’t know what is.

3. Sienna Miller’s Starkly Parted Face-Elongating Bangs

sienna miller bangs

We’ve all looked to Sienna for hair guidance over the years, like devoted disciples following in the footsteps of a spirital leader. Here she delivers her most important lesson yet: Parting your bangs down the middle is mother-effing legit. Those flaxen-gold strands of hers have layers upon layers of color to them, making them appear as natural as a late-summer tan.

4. Ariana Grande’s Thick, Blunt Bangs

ariana grande bangs

Those full bangs, that high ponytail . . . Ariana’s look is solidly on point. The thickness of her bangs makes her face look slim; the barely-there blonde in her ponytail makes her hair color a perfect summer option for brunettes.

5. Suki Waterhouse’s Piecey Long Bangs

suki waterhouse bangs

Suki may be channeling the slacker aesthetic of the ’90s here, but she’s winning over every heart beating in this millennium with her gorgeous long piecey bangs. The low-key, almost frizzy waves in her hair create an aura of casual stylishness.

6. Alexa Chung’s Pretty Side-Swept Bangs

alexa chung bangs

Don’t get us wrong—we love Alexa’s signature bangs look in which she parts her fringe straight down the middle. But we thought this particular style—swept to the right of her face—was just too pretty on her. The slope of the bangs mirrors that of her cheekbones, creating a dramatic effect.

7. Kerry Washington’s Choppy Long Bangs

kerry washington bangs

Kerry’s messy/wavy long bob looks dynamite with some slightly piecey long fringe. The deep chocolate brown color of her hair stuns in its own right—but mix all the elements together, and you’ve got one gorgeous hairstyle.

8. Taylor Swift’s New Platinum Blonde Side-Swept Bangs

taylor swift bangs

We know Taylor’s new cut and color swamped everyone’s social media feeds the minute it happened, but that’s because the look was just too hot to keep under wraps. The icy-blonde hue makes her look funky and grown-up; the bangs-plus-bob combo is trendy while still being manageable and appropriate for every day.

9. Zooey Deschanel’s Messy Fringe


We love when women go the “long hair and bangs” route, and Zooey has never let us down in this department. Her long, bouncy, chocolate brown locks always look spectacular paired with messy bangs. It’s her signature look, one we hope she wears for quite a while.

10. Krysten Ritter’s Sexy, Sophisticated Short Bangs

krysten ritter bangs

Krysten’s gorgeous long bob has a vintage vibe to it. Throw in some short, blunt bangs, and you’ve basically built yourself a time machine to another era. We love the shine that her loose curls display when they catch the light.

11. Bonus! Hottest Celebrity Bangs of All Time? Brigitte Bardot


We threw in a bonus for ya, ’cause we’re nice like that. Brigitte Bardot is easily the all-time winner of Best Celebrity Bangs. Look at how well her fringe blends with her hair! Look at the thickness of those bangs, that hair! Extra points go to her being French, because that’s automatically cooler than everything else.

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