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11 Stylish Relaxed Bobs for Black Women

High up on the list of Best Cuts for Summer is the bob. The short, neck-skimming haircut provides serious relief from the heat. Yep, the bob is practical, but let’s be honest—no one gets excited about a haircut because it’s practical. The bob is a bouncy classic, delivering a surprising amount of sexiness by drawing attention to the wearer’s face and not to itself, like long hairstyles tend to do. The women in the 11 pictures below relax their hair, but these babelicious bobs could easily be worn naturally. Check ’em out below.

1. Textured Bob with Volumized Side Bang


This relaxed bob with textured ends does a few things fabulously: It fans out on the side with layered bangs, it introduces a ton of volume up top, and it puts the focus on this woman’s beautiful face.

2. Thick, Layered Bob with Swooping Bangs


This relaxed bob has a ton of oomph. The layers in the hair give the haircut a fun shape, while the swooping side bangs inject sultriness and romance.

3. Chanel Iman’s Slightly Asymmetrical Relaxed Bob


Chanel gives off a mature, confident vibe in this bob, which has been relaxed and razored slightly at the ends. The side part adds some drama to the classic hairstyle.

4. Deep Mocha Relaxed Bob with Side Part and Bangs


This short ‘do has definitely stolen our hearts. It’s perky and cute, but if dressed it would become sophisticated and modern. The part allows the bangs to fall to the side, creating a frame for this woman’s pretty face.

5. Asymmetrical Bob with Deep Side Part

asymmetrical bob for black women

This angled, asymmetrical bob is killer. We love how the right side is dramatically longer than the left, how the luscious raven hue of this woman’s hair gives off an incredible sheen.

6. Stick-Straight Relaxed Bob


If you’re looking for a hairstyle that’s classic, sophisticated, and commanding, look no further than this sleek blunt bob. This perfectly styled mane has been parted on the side, allowing for a heavier frame on the right. It could be parted easily down the middle to obtain a trendier look, but as it is now, this ‘do is about as timeless as it gets.

7. Super-Sleek Side-Parted Relaxed Bob


This blunt bob looks stunning on this woman, not only because it’s a great haircut but also because of her epic cheekbones and great jawline. If you have a square or heart-shaped face, you’d do well to get this ‘do. We love the razor-sharp ends of the hair and stick-straight quality of the overall look.

8. Volumized BlueGreen Bob with Curled Ends

green ombre bob

This bob hairstyle embraces body and color. The other side of this woman’s hair has been curled, but overall the look has fullness and movement. What’s slaying us the most is the drop-dead color: a mixture of light blue and mint green.

9. Straight Angled Relaxed Bob


The angle on this bob is much more dramatic than the others, and sure enough, it looks stunning on this woman. We’re mesmerized by the sleek quality of her hair as well as the expertly snipped blunt ends.

10. Wavy Bob with Deep Side Part

relaxed bob

This woman is loving the waves injected into her relaxed bob, and we are too. They’re soft but prominent, and they’re given even more help by her deep side part, which will inject instant volume into any hairstyle.

11. Rihanna’s Blunt Middle-Parted Bob


We absolutely love Rihanna’s throwback middle-parted blunt bob. It has a vintage ’30s feel to it, and she rocks it so well. Not surprising in the least—our girl RiRi is a hair goddess.

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