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12 Gray and Silver Ombre Hairstyles to Go Gaga Over

Not too long ago, the gray-hair trend tore through the nation, much like Beatlemania did in the ’60s or Winter Storm Jonas did just this past weekend. Naturally it was only a matter of time before the “granny hair” movement joined forces with another beauty craze. Ombre, one of the breakout looks of 2016, was the ideal candidate. Some mad stylist put the two together, and voilà! An inspired trend collab was born.

Opting for ombre gray instead of all-over gray is a sensible way to ease into the style. You can give it a few weeks and then decide whether you’re ready to go full hog and commit with your full head. Until then, we recommend taking in the stunning 12 ombre gray/silver hairstyles below.

1. Two-Tone Gray Ombre in a Messy Lob


We’re suckers for messy hairstyles. The fact that it’s styled in a lob — or long bob, for those of you who have been dwelling in caves sans WiFi for the past year — is a major bonus. The gray color with an ombre effect earns it even more gold stars in our book.

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