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12 Times Rose Gold Proved It’s the Best Summer Hair Color

To say that rosé was last year’s Drink of the Summer would be an understatement. The effervescent pink-colored wine was a mandatory ingredient at every patio bar, garden party, and beachy Instagram shoot. Now the sparkling salmon color that so captivated us in drink form has grabbed our attention again—but this time it’s making waves as the season’s hottest hair color. Celebs like Sienna Miller, Emma Roberts, and Katy Perry have all immersed their manes in this unique blend of pink, red, and golden blonde. Naturally, the time is ripe to document the peachy shade.

If you’re looking for a hair color that will pair perfectly with warm summer nights and chilled adult beverages, look no further than the 12 stunning rose gold hairstyles below.

1. Emma Roberts’s Gorgeous Rose Gold Locks


Emma Roberts wowed the world when she popped up on Instagram with this brand-new ‘do. The rose gold color here leans more heavily on red tones, but it still has a hazy golden shimmer to it. The color livens up her already-beautiful skin, and the playful curl at the ends is sweet—aka totally her.

2. Long Thick Wavy Rose Gold Hair with Shaved Undercut


If you’re looking for a shade of rose gold that’s well blended, take your cues from this woman’s color. The rosy, coppery shade boasts an incredible amount of sheen, resulting in a lovely metallic finish. Don’t even get us started on how hot the shaved undercut is.

3. Curled Long Bob with Shiny Rosy-Blonde Coloring


Anyone else feeling the urge to visit a drive-in and watch some classic Hollywood movies? This perfectly curled hairdo seems like it would fit right in—but one thing about it that’s truly modern is the “strawberries and cream” rose gold hue.

4. Long Wavy Coppery-Peach Locks


We’re not sure whether this woman walked off a runway or a beach, but either way her long wavy hair is perfection. Making her hairstyle even more dreamy is the rose gold color applied overall, resulting in tons of peach, pink, and platinum hues.

5. Tousled Rose Gold Long Bob


This slightly wavy long bob is mesmerizing us with its unreal color. The light-coral notes mingle with pearl and blush-pink tones to create a pairing that has to be seen to be believed. (Even then, it’s difficult to grasp that someone actually gets to walk around looking this pretty.)

6. Multi-Toned Rose Gold Coloring for Medium Brown Hair


Here’s a darker shade of hair (i.e., not blonde) that looks fantastic with rose gold color applied. This gorgeously long, wavy mane goes heavy on the rose tones, but it also incorporates some notes of cream, ginger, and brick-red.

7. Slightly Wavy Blond Bob with Rose Gold Tones


Not ready to quite let go of your silvery/gray mane? This look might be for you, if you’re at least open to a trendy update. We’re picking up some silvery cream strands throughout the blush-pink locks, making this hairdo a perfect compromise for Granny Hair devotees.

8. Dark Rose Gold Hair for Brunettes


If you think that you can’t have rose gold hair because you’re a brunette, we’re here to tell you it’s entirely possible. The woman in this picture has an epic rosy sheen to her wavy espresso hair, while some lighter tones come through amid the overall dark color.

9. Dusty-Rose-to-White-Peach-Colored Hair in a Straight Layered Bob


The subtle white-blonde highlights in this darling rosy-pink ‘do create a shimmery effect, much like what you would see when swirling a glass of rosé on a balmy summer evening. We also love the buoyant bob—it’s a perfect length for summer, when you need some relief from the heat but also want a cut that’s cute.

10. Cool Rose Gold Strands with a Bit of Wave


We adore this woman’s locks, which have been dyed in a pink-champagne color and had a big wave introduced with the help of a curling iron. Adding a metallic pair of ’60s shades to cap off the look is inspired.

11. Long Shiny Rose Gold Waves


These big, luscious waves are knocking us out. The real zinger, though, is the color: a deep, rich, peach-plum color with lots of pearly blonde strands peeking through. Consider us down for the count.

12. Wavy Multidimensional Blonde Hair with Rose Highlights


For those of you who are a bit more hesitant to take the plunge into rose gold hair, this color’s for you. It’s a very natural shade of blonde—granted, with lots of lighter strands throughout—that subtly incorporates muted pink. The waves add pep to this pretty look.

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