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12 Times Rose Gold Proved It’s the Best Summer Hair Color

To say that rosé was last year’s Drink of the Summer would be an understatement. The effervescent pink-colored wine was a mandatory ingredient at every patio bar, garden party, and beachy Instagram shoot. Now the sparkling salmon color that so captivated us in drink form has grabbed our attention again—but this time it’s making waves as the season’s hottest hair color. Celebs like Sienna Miller, Emma Roberts, and Katy Perry have all immersed their manes in this unique blend of pink, red, and golden blonde. Naturally, the time is ripe to document the peachy shade.

If you’re looking for a hair color that will pair perfectly with warm summer nights and chilled adult beverages, look no further than the 12 stunning rose gold hairstyles below.

1. Emma Roberts’s Gorgeous Rose Gold Locks


Emma Roberts wowed the world when she popped up on Instagram with this brand-new ‘do. The rose gold color here leans more heavily on red tones, but it still has a hazy golden shimmer to it. The color livens up her already-beautiful skin, and the playful curl at the ends is sweet—aka totally her.

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