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15 Amazing Ash-Blonde Hairstyles

Ash-blonde ain’t your typical blonde. It’s a sultry, sophisticated hue that’s grabbed the attention of models, actresses, photographers, editors, bloggers—you name it. The shade shares a lot of similarities with gray and often has a pearly sheen, but colorists can apply their own interpretation in myriad ways, such as with beige ash blonde or a muted ash bronde. It’s common to see the color applied with balayage instead of all over, proving that the essence of ash-blonde lies in weaving together multiple hues.

If you’re looking for ash-blonde hair inspiration, look no further than the 15 unique shades below.

1. Ash-Blonde Balayage for Long Layered Ash-Brown Hair

long ash blonde hair

This woman’s long hair is the perfect length to show off her ash-blonde color. Her base is an ashy brown shade, so when a silvery shade of blonde is raked through those strands, it results in quintessential ash-blonde.

Kay Wilson

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