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15 Deliciously Divine Chocolate Brown Hair Colors

So rich, so sweet, so lovely. . . . No, we’re not talking about Ryan Gosling. We’re talking about everyone’s favorite hue of brown hair: chocolate brown. In the fall and winter, it’s a classic choice, like a warm cup of cocoa sipped in front of a twisting fire. But in the summer, when many people decide to lighten their locks, the look becomes a trend buster. Chocolate brown hair also works well with dark and light skin tones, proving it has a level of flexibility that’s rivaled by only the most seasoned yogis.

Below, check out the 15 hottest shades of chocolate brown—and pick one to rock if you’re craving a hairstyle that’s heavy on the sweetness.

1. Olivia Palermo’s Medium-Long Softly Curled Locks


Olivia Palermo’s signature chocolate brown color couldn’t be more stunning. Her silky, curled locks are laced with barely-there hints of golden blonde, which warms up the rich brown base.

Kay Wilson

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