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15 Deliciously Divine Chocolate Brown Hair Colors

So rich, so sweet, so lovely. . . . No, we’re not talking about Ryan Gosling. We’re talking about everyone’s favorite hue of brown hair: chocolate brown. In the fall and winter, it’s a classic choice, like a warm cup of cocoa sipped in front of a twisting fire. But in the summer, when many people decide to lighten their locks, the look becomes a trend buster. Chocolate brown hair also works well with dark and light skin tones, proving it has a level of flexibility that’s rivaled by only the most seasoned yogis.

Below, check out the 15 hottest shades of chocolate brown—and pick one to rock if you’re craving a hairstyle that’s heavy on the sweetness.

1. Olivia Palermo’s Medium-Long Softly Curled Locks


Olivia Palermo’s signature chocolate brown color couldn’t be more stunning. Her silky, curled locks are laced with barely-there hints of golden blonde, which warms up the rich brown base.

2. Milk Chocolate Brown Shoulder-Length Hair with Layers


This woman’s smooth milk chocolate brown hair is all kinds of lovely. The short, choppy layers give the hairstyle a dynamic shape. She’s styled it straight, but it could easily be worn by someone with wavy or curly hair.

3. Chocolate Brown Hair with Caramel Babylights


If you’re lucky enough to have this thick chocolate brown hair naturally, we’re only a tad jealous. Several doses of honey brown have been added to this woman’s deep brown base. The messy, loose curls add a romantic vibe.

4. Dark Chocolate Brown Hair with Lots of Layers


Curls on curls on curls on curls! We’re loving the volume that’s been added to this woman’s gorgeous long chocolate brown hair. The slightly messy quality makes the look feel down-to-earth.

5. Kate Middleton’s Curled Warm Chocolate Brown Hair


Kate’s long chocolate brown curls are the definition of Good Hair. The Duchess of Cambridge makes it look effortless, even though we know a royal inevitably has to have some help in the hair and style departments. Still, her sumptuous chocolate brown shade is totally charming.

6. Lily Collins’s Cool Chocolate Brown Half-Up Half-Down Hairstyle


Lily Collins’s middle name may as well be “Babe,” because she always looks stunning. That’s no different here, where she’s sporting a devastatingly cool shade of chocolate brown. Those dynamite toffee-colored highlights toward the ends make the whole ‘do pop.

7. Long Curled Chocolate Brown Hair with Caramel Highlights


This women’s loose cascading curls, with their spiraling long layers, have a stunning shape. But the chocolate-brown color anchors the whole look. If you look closely, you’ll spy a dusting of incredibly subtle (and sweet) caramel balayage.

8. Chocolate Brown Wavy Messy Bob


We adore this woman’s dark chocolate brown hair color, which leans slightly into ashy territory. The just-past-the-collarbone length is made funkier by the addition of some soft, messy waves.

9. Long Curled Chocolate-Brown Hair with Cinnamon Highlights


We’re glad we just happened to have a pair of sunglasses sitting nearby, because the shine on this woman’s rich chocolate brown hair is off the charts. The luxuriously soft curls help to coax out the cinnamon highlights.

10. Medium-Length Chocolate Brown Wavy Lob


Here’s another low-key ‘do that slays with its rich color. Though these messy strands of wavy hair are trendy, they keep themselves grounded with a natural chocolate brown base. The lob length is also perfect for summer—it’ll help you stay cool while still looking chic.

11. Dark Chocolate Brown Messy Hair with Choppy Bangs


If you’ve got the wavy lob styling down but need to dial up the fire quotient just a bit more on your ‘do, adding in short bangs will do the trick. For additional bonus points, visit a colorist and ask for this woman’s matte chocolate-brown shade.

12. Long Chocolate Brown Hair with Big Waves


Were you swept off your feet by this woman’s head full of long, layered, awe-inspiring curls? So were we. We’ll also admit to being completely addicted to her shade of chocolate brown hair, which has the slightest hint of red and works beautifully with her skin tone.

13. Messy Mid-Length Chocolate Brown Hair with Long Bangs


The DGAF vibe is strong with this one. The long, messy bangs and bountiful waves seem to be working overtime to drive that aura home. Also pulling its weight is the rich chocolate brown color and badass hints of butterscotch highlighting the strands around her face.

14. Long Layered Chocolate Brown Hair


Long layers are a hugely popular look for long hair, and this woman has effectively nailed that look. Her uber-long strands of deep chocolate brown are layered throughout, plus there’s a ton of face framing happening with some short but gradually lengthening pieces next at her cheekbones. Suffice it to say, we’re swooning.

15. Ashley Greene’s Straight Milk Chocolate Brown Hair


Ashley Greene has a killer head of hair, and she plays with her color quite frequently to keep us all on our toes. Here she’s wearing her straight, long, layered locks in a milky chocolate brown color, with a massive chunk of hair framing her sort-of-oval, sort-of-diamond-shaped face, creating a thick side bang. We’ve been slayed.

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