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15 Luscious Long Hairstyles for Curly Hair

We’re cuckoo for curly hair. We think it looks fantastic at any length, including when it measures a mere couple inches as a pixie cut. But when you curly-haired dynamos grow out your curls as far as they can possibly go, we turn googly-eyed. While it’s true that curly hair can sometimes act like a toddler who’s mid-tantrum, we can’t think of any hairstyle more worth the effort. Peep these glorious 15 long naturally curly hairstyles below.

1. Thick Long Black Curly Hair


These soft, luscious curls look stunning long. We also love how this woman has parted her hair in a not-too-extreme side part, which adds movement and injects instant volume. (Not that she needs it!)

2. Long Fire-Red Curly Hair


These coily red curls look incredible long. This woman’s hair has basically zero frizz, which, if you have curly hair, you know is an amazing feat to achieve. But even a bit of frizz can add a sweet, youthful touch, so fear the frizz not!

3. Uber-Thick Long Curly Chestnut-Brown Hair


The hair gods have been kind to this woman. Not only does she have super-thick, super-long, stunningly curly hair, but it’s also a rich chestnut color. Despite the look’s unbelievable beauty, we have to admit that anyone who decides to sport this look would do well to carry a hair tie with them wherever they go.

4. Long Kinky Black Hair with Sexy Side Part


The dramatic hair flip is perfected in this look. Sure, it may take all your strength to flip your full head of long curls over to one side, but it’ll easily count as your arm workout for the day. Two birds with one stone.

5. Perfect Ringlet-Curls with Soft Caramel Babylights for Long Hair


How stunning is this woman’s hair? Her curls take on the shape of perfectly formed ringlets, and her soft caramel babylights are killer against her naturally rich brown base color.

6. Curly Long Shiny Auburn Hair


We love how this woman’s shiny auburn hair boasts curls that aren’t perfectly uniform. Some strands are more wavy, whereas others are curly. It’s just more proof that everyone should rock their curls no matter what form they take on.

7. Super-Curly Espresso-Brown Long Hair


We’ll give you a second to pick your jaw up off the floor. Yep, this woman has some seriously fantastic hair. Her tight long curls and beautiful multi-toned brown color work amazingly well together.

8. Stunningly Thick Long Black Curly Hair


We adore how this woman left her dramatic long curly black hair down even when sporting a super casual look. Even though long thick curls have an inherently glamorous look about them, the hairstyle can work in grungier (muddier?) contexts.

9. Long Reddish-Brown Curly Hair and Long Curly Light Blonde Hair


Can you think of two friends with better hair? The woman on the left has a gorgeous head of reddish-brown wavy-curly hair, while the woman on the right has sweet blonde hair that’s a bit curlier. Either way, they’re both stunning looks.

10. Super-Thick Curly Long Mocha-Brown Hair


We think we may have just found the 8th wonder of the world. This woman’s hair is epic and breathtaking, with its extreme length, extreme thickness, and extremely gorgeous curly shape.

11. Coily-Curly Long Dark Ash Brown Hair


We’re crushing hard on this woman’s curls, which have a small, tight, coily shape. The super-long length only helps to highlight that.

12. Gorgeous Long Curly Black Hair


This woman wears her gorgeous naturally curly black hair long, and we think it looks marvelous. The subtle side part and the fact that she’s brought her hair forward over her shoulder makes for a sweet, picture-perfect look.

13. Coily-Curly Long Black Natural Hair


Natural hair proponent Alyssa Redenti is a major woman crush of ours, not only because of her amazingly gorgeous long natural curly hair, but also because she’s confident and body-positive. She always looks stunning, but it’s not just because of her epic curls. It’s because she feels good with who she is. That’s one look that’ll always be in style.

14. Long Light-Ash-Brown Curly Hair


This curly light-ash-brown hair is the stuff dreams are made of. This woman has some seriously sweet ringlets, which look beautiful against her natural brown shade. We’re a little bit in love with her thick eyebrows, which are a great complement to her thick, dramatic hair.

15. Curly-Kinky Long Black Natural Hair


See how much beauty-fashion blogger Steffany Borges loves her long natural curly hair? Guess what, we love it just as much. When it’s flipped over her head in a dramatic side part, it looks fantastic. But really, we think it looks fantastic any way she wears it.

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