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15 Stunning Blonde Hairstyles Worn by Actresses Over 50

Having a unique, versatile hairstyle that fits your face shape is just as important as the right outfit or the right make-up. Just because you are over 50 doesn’t mean you have to resort to a traditional hairstyle. Women over 50 can flaunt straight, curly, and wavy hair of all lengths flawlessly. These 15 celebrities showcase some of the most popular blonde hairstyles for women over 50.

1. Glenn Close


Glenn Close might be 68 years old, but she still stuns in this wavy style, with a side part and dramatic sweeping bangs. The waves soften the look, and the cut is the perfect length for women with hair of any texture. The long bob is tremendously popular right now because of its versatility and the fact that it can be worn wavy, curly, or straight.

2. Ellen Barkin


At 61 years old, Ellen Barkin’s hairstyle gives her a youthful but sophisticated look. The short bob frames her face, and the side-swept bangs give this hairstyle a polished look. Barkin’s bob is low-maintenance, but not as dramatic as a pixie-cut, with the ability to still be styled. This bob is best for women with straight hair of all textures and thicknesses.

3. Tea Leoni


Tea Leoni just barely made the cut, as she turns 50 this year, but we couldn’t pass up this wavy, long bob. The long bob is trending right now amongst celebrities because it is the best of both worlds – low maintenance like a short haircut with the styling benefits of a longer cut. This tousled look can be achieved by trimming the hair into a long bob, creating a dramatic side part, and using a styling spray to achieve light, beachy waves.

4. Heather Locklear


55-year-old Heather Locklear stuns in this long, blow-out hairstyle. The former Melrose Place actress has the perfect face shape for this long hairstyle, which can be worn by women with hair of all textures. This layered look frames the face, but is marked by high volume, darker roots, and a tousled side-part. Locklear’s look could be worn straight or wavy.

5. Michelle Pfeiffer


When you think of actresses over 50, Michelle Pfeiffer is one of the first to come to mind. Many women over 50 think that they can’t have a long hairstyle, but Pfeiffer proves that wrong with this simple, wavy look. The middle part is perfect for women with round faces such as Pfeiffer, and the long locks give the face a lean, elongated look. This hairstyle is versatile and can be worn in a number of different ways.

6. Felicity Huffman


Felicity Huffman showcases a classy, shorter bob that accentuates her face with light, airy curls. The side-part gives this style a youthful look, but the muted strawberry blonde highlights and voluminous roots keep the ‘do classy and sophisticated. This cut could be worn straight or curled, depending on the occasion.

7. Kim Basinger


Kim Basinger’s hairstyle shown here is a classic example of the type of look a woman over 50 might feel needs to be left to more youthful days, but that is not true. This long bob features uneven layers, voluminous roots, and a wavy side part. The curls give this style a look of sophistication, and the slightly darker roots paired with golden highlights are the perfect mix of young and classy.

8. Diane Sawyer


This short cut is great for women looking to have a low-maintenance style that is not quite as short as a pixie cut. This look still leaves some room for creative styling, but doesn’t require much in order to look flawless. The feathered layers soften the style and the side part with the curled bang accentuates the eyes and eyelashes. Diane Sawyer’s classy, polished look also leaves room to showcase some fabulous earrings on a night out.

9. Lisa Kudrow


Although Lisa Kudrow’s hairstyle is straight, it doesn’t lack shape, which is sometimes the reason women shy away from longer looks. The slightly messy part gives this style volume and the soft waves are great for leaner, longer face shapes.

10. Katie Couric


Katie Couric’s look is the perfect hairstyle for women who want a shorter look, but don’t want to be outdated. The light, curved edges keep this cut looking soft and the subtle blonde highlights give this hairstyle a youthful warmth.

11. Helen Hunt


This beachy hairstyle is the perfect look for women with wavy, long hair. The layers make the cut light and bouncy, keeping it from seeming heavy on the bottom, a common problem with longer hair. Helen Hunt’s longer face shape is perfect for this haircut that features longer layers. This hairstyle goes from casual to classy seamlessly.

12. Madonna


The middle part is not something that every woman can pull off. Best on women with heart-shaped and round faces, the middle part elongates the face and can calm otherwise voluminous hair. This look has very few layers and can be both simple and dressed-up to suit the occasion.

13. Jane Lynch


This shag cut is perfect for busy women who want to spend minimal time styling. This style can be worn with wavy or straight hair, and it can have both a classy and sporty look. Jane Lynch left her hair long enough in the back that it could be pinned into a simple, stylish updo, as well.

14. Ellen Barkin (Again)


Ellen Barkin’s hairstyle shown here is perfect for women with straight, fine hair. The stacked layers create an illusion of volume and thickness, and the wispy bangs soften the otherwise edgy look created by the sheek, monochromatic blonde. This look could be worn straight, as shown, or with soft waves.

15. Olivia Newton John


Olivia Newton John has fine, straight hair and this style is perfect for her. This ‘do showcases an angled, long bob with side-swept bangs and a stylish side-part. This cut doesn’t have a lot of layers, and the choppier the layers, the better. Her angled bob is the perfect sophisticated take on a youthful trendy style.

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