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18 Asymmetrical Bob Hairstyles That’ll Stay Stylish in 2022

The bob is having a big moment, but will it last? We say yes, because it’s a versatile style that can easily be tailored to suit any type of hair. Case in point: Do you have super-thick locks? Extend the cut’s classic length out a few inches and sport a lob. Hair on the thinner side? Keep it short—blunt is best—and throw in some long bangs if you’re feeling daring (and it makes sense with your face shape). However you wear it, one thing’s for sure: This cut’s a chameleon. It’s able to adapt to any hair environment you put it in, and it always takes on a unique shape of its own.

One of our favorite bob styles—and there are many!—is the asymmetrical bob. Check out the 18 photos below and see how each cut takes the classic silhouette and puts a trendy, fresh spin on it.

1. Bey’s Bob: Off-Kilter and On Point

Image via

All rise for the Queen: When Beyoncé lopped off her locks in 2013 and stepped out wearing this edgy ‘do, the world took notice. Thankfully this look is still just as in now as it was then. The natural waves lend even more interest to an already intriguing style, and her color, lighter than she typically wears it, make heads turn.

2. Charlize Theron’s Smooth and Subtly Asymmetrical Bob

Image via

With a face like hers, Charlize Theron can get away with pretty much anything. But her soft, sophisticated asymmetrical blond bob would work great on anyone with straight hair. The long, side-swept bangs add a flirty element to the look.

3. Messy Brown Asymmetrical Bob

Image via

For women with thicker or naturally wavy hair, try out this adorable cut. The layers will accentuate the waves, giving your look volume and bounce.

4. Extreme Asymmetrical Bob with Pastel Color

Image via instagram

There’s a lot to love in just one look: a great cut with long, sassy bangs and one side that’s almost double the length of the other side, plus gorgeous pastel purple coloring throughout. This style is sure to get you noticed—it’s interesting and super unique without being outrageous or over-the-top.

5. Cute Versatile Asymmetrical Brown Bob

Image via instagram

Whether you dress it up or grandpa-sweater-and-ripped-jeans it down, this cut is going to go with the flow. The bold curl in the front and slight waves throughout make the style fun without being prissy or standoffish, and the subtle blond color at the ends by the face will add dimension and help spotlight your most beautiful asset.

6. Blonde Bob with Sweeping Curl on One Side

Image via

High drama alert! This stunning ‘do is best suited to fancy affairs, when you want your locks to knock ’em dead. The deep, side-swept bangs flow into a thick, gorgeous chunk of hair, which is inches longer than the other side of the bob. Dynamic blonde coloring makes this look one to swoon over.

7. Rose Byrne’s Ever-So-Subtle Asymmetrical Brown Bob

Image via

Our girl Rose wears the hell out of a bob. Her cut is chic and fun but doesn’t give off the vibe that it took hours to style. The soft waves give it dimension, and the slight ombre coloring brings even more playfulness.

8. Sleek Bright Blonde Asymmetrical Lob

Image via

A little longer than a traditional bob, this stick-straight cut is even longer on the right side, which infuses the overall look with a touch of edgy glamour. The platinum blonde color ups the wow factor a couple notches more. Bonus points go to the deep, stark side part, which we’re gaga over.

9. Light Brown Asymmetrical Stacked Bob with Soft Highlights

Image via

Lots of layers and great, subtle color help give this style an energy that’s undeniable. A cut this short will be best suited to women with long, slim necks and hair that’s somewhere in between thick and thin, but ultimately if you’re drawn to it, go for it. You won’t have any trouble rocking it if you truly love it.

10. Short Dark-Blonde Curly Bob

Image via

This one is deceptively simple: angled, ever-so-slightly asymmetrical bob with soft highlights and pretty curls throughout. It’s sure to give you a level of freshness and spunk, making it a cut that will be great for thin-haired women and thick-haired ladies alike.

11. Rebecca Hall’s Messy Chin-Length Asymmetrical Bob

Image via

No bones about it—Rebecca Hall is a stunner. But she pulls off this asymmetrical bob so perfectly that we found ourselves wondering why she hadn’t always sported this short and lively look.

12. Wavy Asymmetrical Faux Hawk for Women

Image via

OK, so this isn’t a bob. It’s a pixie/faux hawk that does the asymmetry thing beautifully. If you’ve been thinking about going short—really short—and want to transform your look in a dramatic way, this could be your next haircut.

13. Ashley Olsen’s Shimmery Blonde Asymmetrical Lob

Image via

Sure, she’s an Olsen twin, which means she’s a celeb goddess in our book. But Ashley’s sleek, chic, asymmetrical long bob can be achieved even by the likes of mortals like us. It’ll easily transition from day to night, too.

14. Straight Gray Asymmetrical Bob

Image via

If you’re looking to dive into the gray-hair-color trend, this look is a great option. Not only is it a perfect example of a beautiful, wearable shade, but it will also let you rock an unexpected cut, with its longer right side and hits-at-the-chin overall length.

15. Sexy Brown Asymmetrical Bob with Long Bangs

Image via

Here’s another slight asymmetrical bob that pretty much anyone can pull off. The deep side part and long, glamorous bangs give the look a dramatic effect.

16. Cheryl Cole’s Spunky Wavy Blonde Asymmetrical Lob

Image via

Cheryl’s pretty waves work great with the asymmetrical lob she’s sporting here. The longer length really highlights the texture of the hair, while the blond color makes it feel fresh and light.

17. Easy Asymmetrical Tousled Brown Bob

Image via

Looking to go rocker chic? Dig this posh cut. With its piecey waved strands, asymmetrical length, and natural, luscious chestnut color, it’s simultaneously funky and cute.

18. Fun Hipster Asymmetrical Brown Bob

Image via tumblr

This look has a youthful flair to it, perfectly suited to romping around the grounds of a summer festival or strolling down the boardwalk with a beach towel tucked under your arm and an ice-cream cone in your hand. (Sorry, a disease called “winter” is making us hallucinate.) The atypical lengths of the cut keep it alternative and sharp. Long, side-swept bangs and rich color make it a flattering choice for anyone.

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