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18 Gorgeous Green Hairstyles

Who would have thought that the color that signifies rebirth and renewal, jealousy, money—basically life itself—could look so intriguing as a hair color? But intrigue it does. Green hair captured the attention of stars like Nicki Minaj, Lady Gaga, Kylie Jenner, and Katy Perry. Each one of these Hollywood big shots can vouch for the intoxicating allure of a green head of hair. Will you join their ranks?

If you’re done with your current hair color and hoping to find greener pastures with a new look, check out the 18 gorgeous green hairstyles we’ve collected below. The shades and lengths vary, but pick any one of these green ‘dos and there’s no end to the envy you’ll inspire in others.

1. Wavy Emerald-Green Bob with Full Bangs


This spunky, wavy bob is adorable, but its envy factor is taken to new heights with the application of this stunning shade of green. This woman’s full, thick hair works well with this cut, especially with the full bangs framing her pretty face.

2. Messy Mint-Green Bob with Exposed Roots


We love the dynamic color here, not just in the mint green but also in the color of the exposed roots. It’s a pretty shade of dark blonde, which works gorgeously with the lighter shade of green. The feisty, chunky bob has a few curls to boot. Consider us in love.

3. Long Wavy Black-Brown Hair with Fern-Green Ombre Coloring


These romantic long dark waves are made even prettier by the addition of some green ombre color at the ends. It’s a subtle way to sport an atypical color, so if you can’t go with a full head of green for professional or other reasons, consider this sophisticated approach.

4. Black Messy Bob with Spring-Green Coloring


This look is so hipster that you’ll probably find yourself making sarcastic remarks about and rolling your eyes at all the non-green normcore hairstyles out there. We can’t say we’d blame you—this messy, wavy bob with its dramatic side part is the epitome of cool.

5. Katy Perry’s Luminous Jade-Green Bob with Exposed Black Roots


Katy Perry’s got the rainbow hair thing nailed. She’s sported every shade known to humankind. As a result, she’s well-known for her out-there style, but somehow this sparkling green bob looks not only chic but also like something a regular old non-celeb could pull off. Her gorgeous waves paired with the blunt cut put us over the moon.

6. Teal-Green Long Bob with Gorgeous Waves


If you’re growing out your bob or looking to get a shoulder-length cut, consider this pretty, manageable hairstyle. A long bob can be easily pulled back, but it still looks magnificent down. This woman has kicked it up a notch and thrown in some lovely green coloring.

7. Long Emerald-to-Lime-Green Ombre Wavy Hair


We’re digging this woman’s messy cut, especially the natural-looking waves paired with the very unnatural (but totally eye-catching) emerald-green-to-lime-green ombre color. Her hair is a bit on the thin side, but she’s clearly a pro at styling it.

8. Long Curly Black Hair with Teal-Green Balayage


Balayage has hit the scene with full force—it promises to be the go-to color technique for 2016. This to-die-for look takes that one step further with beautifully soft teal green coloring. Combined with luscious curls, full bangs, and long hair, this hairstyle puts itself in contention for Sweetest ‘Do Ever.

9. Wild Turquoise-to-Chartreuse Ombre Color on a Short, Stick-Straight Bob


So many things to adore in one hairstyle: the chic, stick-straight bob; the outrageously bold two-toned color; the half-up, half-down top-knot style. But the daring color is what really bowls us over. The bright blue and lime green mix is so quirky that we can see it perfectly on someone like Nicki Minaj or Kate Winslet’s character from Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind.

10. Thick Teal-Green Curls with a Patterned Undercut


Pairing the shaved undercut—an androgynous, take-no-prisoners type of accent—with long, flowing, uber-feminine curls is the stuff of hair genius. Throwing in some teal-green coloring on top of that deadly combo? A million times yes.

11. Electric-Blue-to-Seafoam-Green Ombre for Wavy Mid-Length Hair


This hairstyle is another blue-to-green number that we just couldn’t resist. The electric-blue color on top softens to a cotton-candy shade before seamlessly transitioning into a minty, seafoam green. Picasso himself would have been wowed by this stunning work of art.

12. Wavy Long Hair with Bangs and Green Coloring


The soft waves worked into this hairstyle look lovely. Adding full bangs to the long strands makes it even sweeter. Infusing the whole ‘do with a gorgeous deep shade of green ensures that this look goes from super-cute to uber-unique.

13. Pastel Mint Green Stick-Straight Long Bob


Mint green is hot in the interior design world, so it was only a matter of time before it became the Next Big Thing in hair. This shade looks sensational when applied to stick-straight hair that’s cut into a cute long bob. We can only imagine how dope it would look on, well, pretty much any head of hair.

14. Thick Teal-Green Bob with Full, Blunt Bangs


We’re gaga over this thick, straight bob that’s slightly fussed up. What’s even more stunning than those uber-blunt bangs is the woman’s subtle green coloring. It works so well when set against her dark, almost-black natural shade.

15. Long Black Hair with Multicolored Green Highlighting in a Messy Dutch Braid


If anyone’s even the slightest bit hesitant about picking a lighter, more muted shade of green to apply to their hair, let this be Exhibit A in the case for less vibrant tones. Sure, this woman’s hair is a gorgeous length and thickness, and the Dutch braid styling is trendy and romantic. But the multi-toned coloring is what truly makes this look exceptional.

16. Thick Black Bob with Shamrock-Green Ombre Coloring


Looking for a haircut that’s cool, but in a way that says “I don’t particularly care if I’m cool or not”? This one’s for you. The blunt bob cut is trendy but timeless, and the subtle green ombre color isn’t so stark that it calls attention to itself.

17. Uber-Thick Curly Black Hair with Bright Sea-Green Ombre Coloring


If you were blessed with big, bountiful curls and you’re feeling like you could use a color pick-me-up, try this hairstyle on for size. You might find that the bright sea-green highlights are the perfect compliment to your spectacular spirals.

18. Thick Mid-Length Hair with Parted Bangs and Muted Green Coloring


We love not only the muted green shade infused throughout this haircut but also the thickness of this woman’s mane and the ease with which she wears her natural texture, something in between wavy and straight. But what she’s really selling is her own unique personality, and that’s one look we know will never go out of style. 

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