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18 Salt & Pepper Hairstyles for Men that Women Swoon Over


Just because you’re going grey doesn’t mean you can’t still be sexy. Look at Anderson Cooper or George Clooney. Has this pair lost any of their allure to attract hot women, or in the case of Cooper, hot dudes!?! No, they haven’t and neither will you. So, if your going grey, don’t dye it, flaunt the hell out of it. Here are 18 ‘dos that will make women melt in the palm of your hand.

1. Tapered Fade with Longer Hair Up Top

imageThis is trending as we speak. The tapered fade is a good choice no matter how old you are or what hair color you sport, even grey.

2. Layered and Messy

imageYou read that right, bed head hair will give your grey hair a youthful spin. This is a no fuss style which you can achieve without a comb. All it takes is a bit of product and your fingers.

3. Slicked Back

If you don’t want to go super short, grow it out and slick it back. This is another low maintenance style you can achieve with gel and a comb.

4. Mohawk

Generally I wouldn’t recommend the Mohawk to guys past 25, but if you think you can pull it off who am I to judge?

5. Side Swept Wavy

If you are fortunate enough to still have thick wavy hair, this cut shows your adventurous side. Very easy to style. Gel and your fingers will do the trick.

6. Super Short Side Part

I’ve had this cut a few times. It’s classy and refined if that is what your after. And it’s a breeze to style. Simply wash and let it dry.

7. Curly Top


Let your curls shine up top and practically shave the sides for a totally modern look at any age.

8. Side Part with Volume

Again, if you still have the hair you had in college, try a side part. This cut is a classic that will never go out of fashion.

9. Ponytail

You don’t need to be eccentric designer Karl Lagerfeld to rock a ponytail. Just keep your hair at a respectful length or you might look like an aging hippie which is not flattering even if you were one.

10. Super Wavy with Short Sides


Ok, this style will proclaim to the world that you are successful, fashion conscience and a bit daring. Let your hair do the talking.

11. Wavy All Over

Want to look like Jesus? It’s easy as hell. Just grow your hair and beard out and poof! Nailed it.

12. Tapered Fade Pompadour


As any stylist will tell you, the tapered fade is the hottest look going right now. This cut is age defying and anyone can look hot with it.

13. Buzz Cut

There’s no shame in going grey, but if are really self conscious about it, get a buzz cut to make it less noticeable.

14. Comb Over with Side Part

You don’t have to be going bald to do a come over. In fact, please don’t.. To create this look blast the roots with a blow dryer and include products for volume.

15. Richard Gere

Richard went grey prematurely, but that hasn’t held him back from dating Diana Ross, Barbara Streisand, Julia Roberts etc etc. And marrying Cindy Crawford.

16. The Shag

The shag cut has been with us for decades, but it still looks fresh. Easy to manage, just wash and towel dry. Product is optional but if you style it with your fingers you’ll be golden.

17. Shoulder Length

If the original dude can pull off long hair, so can you. At this age, a beard will give you a distinguished look that will make you appear wise.

18. Dyed

No, I’m not b.s’ing you.  Some younger lads are dying their hair grey!

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