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19 Undercut Pixie Cuts for Badass Women

You’ve made up your mind—you’re ready to plunk yourself down in your stylist’s chair and chop it all off, naysayers and ponytails be damned. You’re not intimidated by having only a few inches of hair. In fact, the prospect sounds exciting, freeing. Being able to shampoo and condition in minutes sounds like a ripped-from-a-children’s-book fantasy, one you want to make a reality. And you know that highlighting your face—every woman’s best asset—means your confidence will really shine through.

You need a cut that’s going to match your take-no-prisoners personality. Enter the undercut pixie cut. Undercuts have been growing in popularity in the past few years, but lately they’ve been cropping up more and more—on actresses, models, and especially the denizens of Instagram, that pseudo-reality realm where celebs and real live humans alike broadcast gorgeous snaps to a beauty-hungry audience.

Think you’re ready to sport a cut that’s ultra-daring? Check out the 19 undercut pixie cuts below that deliver a one-two punch of style and badassery.

1. Scarlett Johansson’s Stylish Straight Blonde Undercut Pixie Cut


Lots of eyes widened and jaws went tumbling when Scarlett Johansson stepped out with this cut. The stunning actress is known for her bold, fearless personality, and this cut with short piecey layers matches that in spades. The light blonde up top, coupled with dark blonde for the underside, gives the look dimension.

2. Hipster Dark Blonde Straight Shaved Pixie Cut


Nothing says DGAF like lounging in the forest with a badass partially shaved pixie cut. But this look will work even in your natural habitat. The natural bronde color looks fantastic with the side-parted straight pixie, and the undercut drives home the alt-punk aesthetic.

3. Pretty Red Undercut Pixie Cut for Thick Hair


This women’s thick, slightly wavy hair looks amazing with a longer pixie cut. The addition of the undercut is what really makes this ‘do stand out from a traditional pixie, as it draws attention to her gorgeous crop of hair up top. The saucy red/ever-so-slightly-purple color is ideal for her skin tone.

4. White Blonde Shaved Pixie Cut


Let’s be honest—dyeing our hair platinum blonde (or white blonde, ice blonde, etc.) is all we can think about right now. Coupled with this shaved pixie cut, this straight, side-swept, white blonde mane is exceptionally gorgeous.

5. Punk-Rock Curly Thick Undercut Pixie Cut


This cut is not for the faint-of-heart. It’s also not for women who want a wash-and-go style. Keeping your undercut pixie cut maintained with a regular trim is super important, and with this style especially, you’ll need to spend time each morning making sure your ‘do looks dope and not dreary. But if you’re game, this stunner of a style will make even the most jaded of souls—you know, those people who say they aren’t fazed by anything—stop and stare.

6. Polished Platinum Blonde Undercut Pixie Cut


Again with the platinum blonde shaved pixie cut! We’re getting faint from all the swooning. This woman’s perfect long-up-top pixie cut is perfect for accentuating her graceful long neck. The soft layers throughout the cut add interest, while the slight undercut gives it that rock-star edge.

7. Fun Sleek Gray Undercut Pixie Cut with Purple Highlights


The undercut is very subtle on this style, but that’s perfect because the coloring on this straight gray pixie cut demands all the attention. Soft purple and blue highlights throughout make this woman’s hair trendy and fun.

8. Sophisticated Partially Shaved Pixie Cut for Straight Dark Hair


This one’s an example of an undercut pixie cut that’s not too in-your-face, which is perfect if you’re dying to rock the look but need to keep it relatively toned down for professional reasons. The side part, natural black color, and straight, well-combed texture create a look that’s cool and cosmopolitan.

9. Sassy Straight Undercut Pixie Cut with Slight Purple Coloring


This asymmetrical, side-swept, long pixie cut is follicle funk at its best. The chunky/piecey layers, deep side part, and shaved underside are a winning combination. Topping it all off is the slight purple color, which is subtle but leaves an undeniable impression.

10. Long Undercut Pixie Cut with Two-Tone Coloring


Here’s another two-tone long pixie cut that’s uber grown-up and sexy. The deep side part delivers a sultry swoop of light blonde hair across the eyes. The undyed underside, with its dark, natural color, makes the look edgy and modern.

11. Sweet Honey Blonde Undercut Pixie Cut


We have conflicting feelings about this look. On the one hand, we get butterflies over the dreamy honey-blonde color. On the other hand, we feel like shouting, “F*** yeah, girl!” because we love her edgy, tomboyish, shaved pixie cut so hard. We’re willing to compromise and just admit that we’re all-around fans of this ‘do.

12. Striking Undercut Pixie Cut for Black Hair with Blonde Top Color


You’re a multidimensional person, and that means you need a multidimensional look. You’ve found it in this style: platinum blonde color up top, natural black shaved underside below. The straight, choppy layers look stunning when pushed off to one side.

13. Chic Undercut Pixie Cut for Straight Black Hair


Deep side part? Check. Perfectly buzzed underside? Check. Gorgeous rich natural color? Check. It all adds up to one sassy ‘do. A bonus with this look are the razor-sharp sideburns—they add a subtle androgynous touch.

14. Blonde on Top and Dark Underside Pixie Cut with Shaved Design


For all you artsy-fartsy types out there, take notice: This pixie cut, with its shaved underside and awesome buzzed-in line snaking from the temple all the way to the back, is a style to copy. The natural color at the base, combined with platinum blonde on top, is chic and bold.

15. Long Undercut Pixie Cut with Choppy Ends for Straight Dark Brown Hair


This sweet style puts more emphasis on the pixie cut than on the undercut. We love it that way, too, because the side-swept hair with choppy ends looks dazzling in its natural dark-chocolate-brown state.

16. Natural Bronde Pixie Cut with Shaved Underside


This completely swept-back style will be an easy one to wear. You won’t have to worry about styling every single piece perfectly; you can just brush it back and basically forget about it. This woman’s pretty natural honey blonde color looks especially sweet with this undercut ‘do.

17. Bold Black Pixie Cut with Long Side-Swept Bangs


We’re digging this glamorous, edgy pixie cut, with its choppy fringe, subtle undercut, and eye-grazing long bang in front. The woman’s natural color—a deep raven hue—makes the look even more luscious.

18. Thick Brown Hair in an Undercut Pixie Cut with Blonde Top


Another two-toned pixie cut that knocks our socks off. We love how this woman’s gorgeous thick hair looks stunning swept forward. The choppy layers keep the hair from getting too huge, and the blonde-on-top, natural-color-underneath is super smart.

19. Fierce and Sexy Shaved Long Pixie Cut for Platinum Blonde Hair


That ice-blonde mane gets us every time. With this look, it’s swept high and to the side, putting out a vibe that’s devilishly stylish. The mantra of this messy ‘do is definitely “short hair don’t care,” and we love it for that.

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