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21 Bold Burgundy Hair Color Ideas

Say the word “burgundy,” and a glass of red wine probably appears on the projector in your mind. But “burgundy” applies to so much more than just an adult beverage. It’s this year’s most vivacious hair color trend. Often worn by women with brown to black hair, it can take a tired look to energetic and sexy within a matter of hours (or however long the salon visit lasts for you).

You’ll hear a lot of different terms used to describe similar shades: crimson, red violet, cranberry, wine (duh) . . . basically anything in the dark red family. Burgundy skews deep red, with a pinch of brown and a dash of purple. So if you’re dying to infuse your mane with the most striking color around, do yourself a favor and take a cue from the 21 women below with beautiful burgundy hair.

1. Long Wavy Burgundy Hair with Side-Swept Bangs


The waves and side-swept bangs in this woman’s hairstyle add movement and energy to her look. But what we’re really eyeing is that bodacious burgundy color. Hers is much heavier on purple tones, but still not skimping when it comes to red hues.

2. Long Curly/Wavy Burgundy Hair


These long, luscious, lightly layered waves look spectacular with some deep burgundy coloring applied. Even though burgundy is deeper and richer and thus more commonly seen in fall and winter color palettes, it works well as summer color because of its bold nature.

3. Short Wavy Burgundy Bob


This fun bob looks even more chic with rich burgundy coloring. The hue here leans into the wine/violet territory. Meanwhile, generous layering provides a perfect platform on which those soft waves can unfurl.

4. Half-Up Half-Down Long Wavy Burgundy Hair


If this woman’s full waves or half-up high ponytail don’t make your jaw drop, then surely the vivid burgundy coloring applied everywhere but the very top of her head will win you over. The layering throughout her ‘do provides even more interest.

5. Thick Long Curly/Wavy Burgundy Hair


Looking for an example of shiny, bright burgundy to take to your colorist? Your search just ended with this woman’s brilliant head of cranberry hair. Setting her color ablaze are the many red tones throughout her luxuriously thick waves.

6. Medium-Length Long Bob with Burgundy Ends


We’re loving not only the Farrah Fawcett flip in this woman’s hair, but also the creative application of burgundy coloring toward the ends of her raven-black hair. The contrast is visible enough to make a statement, but it’s not so stark that it screams out to be noticed.

7. Long Stick-Straight Burgundy Hair


The gorgeous angling on the sides of this woman’s hair results in a pretty cascading effect. Her super-straight hair looks sleek and soft, while the combination of red and violet tones throughout the ‘do will mesmerize anyone who spots her.

8. Medium-to-Long Black Hair with Burgundy Balayage


Here we have a more classic burgundy tone: more brick-red and brown than purple. But the application is what’s truly unique. Subtle balayage burgundy coloring against black-brown hair? You couldn’t dream up a more stylish look.

9. Curly Medium-Length Hair with Burgundy Coloring


These wine-soaked ringlets are bowling us over. The angular shape of the cut brings in a ton of drama and interest, and the curls are in serious contention for the mantle of Most Gorgeous Locks Ever. But when it’s all said and done, that burgundy color is the real show-stopper.

10. Long Wavy Burgundy Hair


These waves might just be the most perfect ones we’ve ever seen. Throw in a dash of burgundy color against this woman’s black hair, and you’ve got yourself a picture-perfect look.

11. Straight Burgundy Long Bob for Thin Hair


Because this woman’s hair is a bit on the thin side, it’s kept short and funky with tons of texture introduced into the ends. Her shade of burgundy appears darker as more of her natural color is coming through. And that lipstick? Totally killer when paired with the atypical hue.

12. Uber-Long Burgundy Hair with Light Layering


These long locks are stunning on their own, but when burgundy coloring is introduced and applied in varying intensities, the effect is dynamite. We also love how the locks are smooth without being too fussy, as well as how the light layers ground the hairstyle.

13. Thick, Curled Mid-Length Burgundy Hair


Are we sitting on a beach, staring into the rolling ocean? No? We’re staring at a picture of the most perfectly formed waves ever to grace the Internet? OK. These thick-barreled curls are stunning, but this woman’s burgundy color is also vibrant and eye-catching.

14. Curly Black Hair with a Burgundy Tint


The burgundy coloring in this woman’s hair is subtle, but the effect is undeniable. Her pretty curls give off a red-purple sheen, and their atypical shape make the overall look one for the history books.

15. Small Parted Afro with Burgundy Color


This woman’s gorgeous natural hair is parted down the middle, forming a shape that’s not quite as common as a more circular ‘fro. Her lovely locks are dyed in a rich shade of burgundy, which makes the whole ‘do pop. (Those statement earrings don’t hurt in that department either.)

16. Wavy Long Espresso Brown/Burgundy Hair


You’d think that tresses this sweet would be found on a mermaid or some other mythical creature, but nope, they’re completely real. What’s also unbelievable is how delicately burgundy coloring has been applied to this woman’s dark hair, creating a subtle sheen of deep red and purple.

17. Super Curly Medium-Length Burgundy Hair with Bangs


The curls this woman has? Out-of-control pretty. But when shades of fire red and vibrant purple mix with her natural color, they create a unique shade of burgundy that rivals even the beauty of her curls.

18. Asymmetrical Long Bob with Burgundy Coloring


The muted tones of this burgundy color are perfect for women who want to keep their hair color on the natural side, if perhaps their job requires them to dress more conservatively (boo to that, by the way). But the asymmetrical long bob cut brings the funk, even when the color is subdued.

19. Shiny Wavy Long Chocolate Brown Hair with Burgundy Coloring


This woman’s shiny black hair looks ravishing with a burgundy balayage effect thrown in. This color treatment can be worn by women with anything from light to dark skin, as it’s a universally flattering shade.

20. Curly Multi-Tone Burgundy Hair


The curled middle section and ends of this woman’s hair bring attention to the more purple areas of her burgundy coloring. At the top, we’re seeing more red tones coming through. Wherever we look, the color—no matter its hue—is mesmerizing.

21. Rihanna’s Cute and Curly Burgundy Lob


Leave it to Rihanna to take something already as fabulous as burgundy hair and make it totally, completely, absurdly unstoppable. Pairing her perfect burgundy ringlets with a gorgeous red dress is one for the record books, a perfect example of “more is more.”

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