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21 Bold Burgundy Hair Color Ideas

Say the word “burgundy,” and a glass of red wine probably appears on the projector in your mind. But “burgundy” applies to so much more than just an adult beverage. It’s this year’s most vivacious hair color trend. Often worn by women with brown to black hair, it can take a tired look to energetic and sexy within a matter of hours (or however long the salon visit lasts for you).

You’ll hear a lot of different terms used to describe similar shades: crimson, red violet, cranberry, wine (duh) . . . basically anything in the dark red family. Burgundy skews deep red, with a pinch of brown and a dash of purple. So if you’re dying to infuse your mane with the most striking color around, do yourself a favor and take a cue from the 21 women below with beautiful burgundy hair.

1. Long Wavy Burgundy Hair with Side-Swept Bangs


The waves and side-swept bangs in this woman’s hairstyle add movement and energy to her look. But what we’re really eyeing is that bodacious burgundy color. Hers is much heavier on purple tones, but still not skimping when it comes to red hues.

Kay Wilson

Kay Wilson works your typical beige-collar office job by day (the collar used to be white, but she repeatedly spilled coffee on it). By night she keeps things interesting by spilling red wine, runs, reads, and blogs at Hairstyle Guru.

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