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21 Fierce Platinum Blonde Hairstyles to Make Jaws Drop

It’s a scientific fact: Going blonde will forever and ever be a way for women with darker hair to make their look fun, flirty, and light. Going platinum blonde, however, is in a category all its own. Even though such a light shade can have an age-defying effect, making a woman appear younger than she is, it can also communicate a sense of boldness and fearlessness. Take, for instance, big-screen icons like Jean Harlow, Marilyn Monroe, and Lana Turner, or rockers like Debbie Harry and Madonna. Those gals made damn sure that when people thought of them, they pictured a strong, confident woman oozing sex appeal and sporting a signature crop of bleach-blonde hair.

Thankfully white-blonde — aka ice-blonde — hair still has the same effect today. And all signs are pointing to 2016 being the year of the Platinum Blonde Bombshell. To which we inevitably say: Ice, ice, baby. 

1. Long Messy Platinum Blonde Hair with Low-Key Middle Part


The waves say “easy breezy boho,” but the platinum blonde coloring says “ice queen royalty, bow before me.” The frizz and slight tangles throughout, combined with those always-flattering face-framing strands, make this one incredibly easy style to pull off.

2. Tousled Bleach-Blonde Lob


This fussed-up platinum blonde lob is beyond adorable. We especially like the contrast between the dark eyebrows and light hair color. You always have the option to dye your eyebrows when going platinum, but often it works to keep them natural.

3. Long Sleek Straight Platinum Blonde Hair


Platinum blonde hair looks especially stunning on women with darker skin tones. The white blonde color here does exactly the opposite of what you might think it would do: Instead of drawing attention to itself, it highlights this woman’s beautiful caramel skin. The sleek, straightened texture and the subtle twist of hair pinned just above the ear give an overall air of elegance and sophistication.

4. Easy Pulled-Back Platinum Blonde Hair with Middle Part


This look will be easy to achieve: Simply part your bleach-blonde locks down the middle, and pull the entire mess of hair back into a low ponytail. Then separate a few thin strands at your temples from the rest of the hair. It’ll look chic whether you’re going to the gym or going out for a fancy dinner.

5. Pulled-Back Perfectly Unkempt Ice Blonde Hair


This look has incredible depth to it. The straight blonde hair is pulled back into a messy ponytail, but there’s lots of dimension added up at the top, with locks of hair that stand out from the pack, and the strands all the way around the head that have been separated from the ponytail.

6. Messy Long Platinum Blonde Pixie Cut with Undyed Undercut


Undercuts are becoming more and more popular, and we totally get why. This style makes us want to schedule appointments with our colorist and stylist immediately. The perfectly messy style, combined with the subtle but eye-catching platinum-blonde-up-top dye job, makes this pixie a nontraditional gem.

7. Flowing Medium-Length Bleach-Blonde Hair with Subtle Waves


An example of a perfect collarbone-length cut, these platinum blonde locks with slight waves will provide ultimate versatility for women who are committed to the edgy color, but not so much to an edgy cut. Face-framing layers make the cut dynamic and flattering.

8. Ice-Blonde Hair in a Romantic Braided Updo


Nope, this isn’t a fairy tale — it’s real life. And that style is one you could sport. The chunks of hair bordering the face and the neck-nuzzling strands at the back make this style down-to-earth. Adding the head-circling braid amps up the “pretty” factor, as does the light blonde coloring.

9. Flirty Platinum Blonde Lob with Choppy Ends


We all know that bobs are a Big Deal, but a platinum blonde bob, or lob, is really the ticket to true beauty nirvana. This cut is manageable while also being sophisticated and funky.

10. Gorgeous Long Platinum Blonde Hair


Do you want a change that’ll really shake things up, but you’re not entirely sure if you’re ready to part with your long locks? Here’s an inspired compromise: Keep the length but go for that white blonde color. Long layers like these, especially around the face, will add movement to your cut.

11. Super-Chic Choppy Bleach-Blonde Bob


We have one word for Liya Kebede: breathtaking. The woman can do no wrong. With her dark brown hair dyed bleach blonde and some pomade rubbed in, she looks incredible. We love not only the color here but also the cut. The super short bob looks especially chic styled in a grunge way.

12. Adorable Bleach-Blonde Updo with Beaded Headband


This slightly messy platinum blonde updo is perfection with the beaded headband accent thrown in. The poufed-up part behind the band adds a dose of drama to the look.

13. Beautifully Versatile Platinum Blonde Bob with Side Part


This fun, flirty platinum blonde bob is made especially fresh by natural waves and a side part. We also adore the exposed roots here. They make this cut feel real and easygoing without making it feel chintzy.

14. Tousled Platinum Blonde Lob with Blunt Ends


Here’s an example of platinum blonde that has all the grown-up sophistication of any other shade. The blunt ends of this bob give the look a no-nonsense feel, while the tousled strands make it contemporary.

15. Darling Curly/Kinky Platinum Blonde Pixie Cut


Could this look be any sweeter? We didn’t think so. You’ve got natural curly/kinky hair, cut uber-short into a pixie cut, and dyed in a perfect bleach-blonde shade. The daring cut looks even classier when dressed up for a formal event.

16. Windswept Platinum Blonde Bob with Long Bangs


Remember those big-screen vixens we talked about earlier? Well, this platinum blonde bob with loads of volume will put you on par with those hairstyle icons. The long side-swept bangs inject the look with even more romance.

17. Long Thick Messy Platinum Blonde ‘Do


Ethereal, easy, and envy-inspiring: Those are the three “E’s” of this hairstyle. If you want to sport it, you won’t have to worry too much about spending time primping. The coloring is up to your stylist, but it’s up to you to achieve the perfect bedhead. That’s a job we’ll sign up for every time.

18. Stunning Short Platinum Blonde Afro with Side Cornrows


This look combines a number of different elements: a beautifully curly short afro, side cornrows, and bleach-blonde coloring. Not surprisingly, these elements all come together to create a stunning piece of follicle artwork.

19. Wild Messy Platinum Blonde Inverted Bob


Courtney Love, eat your heart out. This platinum blonde (slightly) inverted bob looks like it should belong to the next rocker in training. Using a generous helping of pomade will allow you to achieve the piecey, messy look with your own ‘do.

20. Soft Ice-Blonde Hair Tucked into Clothes


The last Fashion Week featured lots of runway models with their hair tucked into clothes. We just call that “what happens when you live in the real world and get dressed too fast.” But if models want to copy us, so be it! Just like we want to copy this long white blonde hairstyle, with its terrific layers and raggedy middle part.

21. Scarlett Johansson: Platinum Blonde Bombshell


Scarlett Johansson wasn’t going to be left out of the Messy Platinum Blonde Hairstyle Club, so she sported this edgy, punk look and made our girl crush on her get even bigger.

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