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23 Boxer Braid Hairstyles to Get You Summer-Music-Festival Ready

Got braids on the brain after looking through heaps of Coachella hair pics? So do we. Lucky for those of us who couldn’t make it to the star-studded music festival, summer’s a-comin’. That means we’ll all have plenty of chances to rock those braided hairstyles at other festivals.

If Coachella proved anything to us, it’s that boxer braids will be the ultimate festival-going hairstyle in 2016. Also called double Dutch braids, cornrows, or just French braids, boxer braids have a sporty edge that make them perfect for hustling from stage to stage, jumping for joy when your favorite artist appears, and sweating with the masses in the unforgiving sun. They’ll keep the hair out of your face and off your neck while still keeping your entire look on point.

We’ve collected 23 of the prettiest, grungiest, and all-around bad-assiest boxer braid looks to put your mane on par with the dopest celeb ‘dos. Check ’em out below.

1. Boxer Braids for Long Black Hair


What hairstyle would work better with this cool, casual look? We can’t think of one. A chill crop-top, shorts, and sand between your toes calls for boxer braids, which are at once timeless and trendy.

2. Dark-Blonde-to-Light-Blonde Hair in Two Tight Boxer Braids


We love this woman’s tight, long boxer braids, as well as her multi-toned color. Her natural hair color at the roots is a dark blonde, while the color near the ends becomes a shimmery, sun-drenched beige.

3. Double Dutch Braids for Long Chocolate-Brown Hair with Medium-Brown Bayalage


“On fleek” doesn’t even begin to capture how fresh this look is. This woman’s thick, warm-brown hair has been pulled into two long boxer braids, her long nails have been primed with a few coats of black, and she’s sporting an oversized windbreaker. If a picture like this doesn’t earn you a few hundred likes on Instagram, we don’t know what will.

4. Long Flaxen-Blonde Boxer Braids with Medium-Brown Roots


Sure, you’ll see plenty of interesting art at festivals like Coachella or Bonnaroo or Lollapalooza, but—let’s be real—the true eye-catchers are the hairstyles. This one is a picture-perfect example: gorgeous boxer braids with light blonde coloring and dark blonde roots.

5. Deep-Chocolate-Brown Hair with Ash-Blonde Ombre in Two French Braids


This woman’s rocker-chic style is working for us. What do we dig most? Those boxer braids. The ash-blonde color at the ends is so soft and pretty. Pairing a girly hairstyle with a slouchy gray T-shirt and funky round sunglasses is sure to get you noticed in the crowd.

6. Double Braids with Butterscotch-Blonde Coloring


We love the creamy blonde color applied to this woman’s hair, which has been pulled back tightly into two Dutch braids. They help to amp up the funk factor in her summery look.

7. Platinum Blonde Hair in Double Dutch/Fishtail Braids


This shade of platinum blonde has lots of golden tones, which transforms a typically icy shade into a warm, perfect-for-summer hue. The uber-long boxer braids here deliver a twist: They begin at the crown as regular Dutch braids, then morph into a fishtail style at the neck. Pretty clever if you ask us.

8. Long Espresso-Brown Hair in Boxer Braids


Seeing double? You might be in love with boxer braids. We know we are. We’re falling especially hard for this woman’s dark-brown hair color and snazzy hoop earrings.

9. Boxer Braids for Super-Long Hair with Bright-Purple Coloring


Sport this look to the next music festival you attend, and you’ll probably get more attention than the headlining act. Major style points go to the hip-grazing length of the braids and, of course, the dreamy purple hair coloring.

10. Messy Double Boxer Braids for Deep-Fire-Red Hair


This woman’s hair color—a mesmerizing blend of scarlet and cinnamon hues—is a hard trait to top. But somehow her hairstyle is giving it a run for its money. The messy part and free-hanging strands make this style perfect for all-day head-banging and not caring how your hair looks afterward.

11. Tight Double French Braids for Long Raven-Black Hair


This is the epitome of style coolness right here: round sunglasses, black top, black lipstick, and tight boxer braids. Bonus points go to this woman’s jet-black hair color.

12. Golden-Blonde Hair in Boxer Braids with Flyaways


When you’re at a post-festival party, you don’t need to worry about a few flyaways if your hair’s been done up in boxer braids. In fact, they add to the hairdo’s charm.

13. Chocolate-Brown-to-Hazelnut-Brown Long Hair in Unkempt Boxer Braids


We’re big supporters of this look. Unkempt strands of hair pulled back into boxer braids, which showcase this woman’s deliciously shiny chocolate-brown/nut-brown coloring? Yep, this style gets our vote.

14. Mid-Length Platinum Blonde Hair with Double Braided Ponytails


The platinum blonde boxer braids in this hairstyle end at the neck, where they’re capped off with twist ties. The rest of this woman’s wispy hair cascades down the top of her back in a sweet, nonchalant manner.

15. Double Braids for Long Black Hair


Whether you’re hitchhiking to the next outdoor music festival or getting picked up in a Mercedes Benz limo, you’ll be traveling in style if you sport boxer braids. Here, with this woman’s gorgeous long black hair, they look elegant and chic, even though she’s wearing a simple white T-shirt.

16. Boxer Braids for Black Hair with Gray/Light Pink Coloring


Can you spot the soft pink shades weaving throughout these boxer braids? They’re delicately applied—in fact, against this woman’s black hair, they appear gray in places. We adore how the color throws a spotlight on the twists and turns of every braided strand.

17. Long Dark-Blonde-to-White-Blonde Hair in Double Braids


We don’t think we’ve seen a picture that personifies summer better than this one does. This woman’s super-long hair with white-blonde balayage is done up in carefree boxer braids, which, let’s face it, is a cool and hip style for any season.

18. Gorgeous Raspberry-Colored Hair in Two Dutch Braids


We’re crushing hard on the redpurple shade of this woman’s hair. But we’re also getting that butterfly feeling over her gorgeous boxer braids, which look not only cool but also sophisticated when paired with a dressier outfit.

19. Silvery-Gray Hair in Long Boxer Braids


This woman’s boxer braids are so perfectly executed that they look like two ropes extending down to the ground. The white-gray color would be an attention getter on its own, but when coupled with a gray T-shirt, it’s cemented in monochromatic style history.

20. Long Black Boxer Braids, Perfect for Summer


Doesn’t this look just make you want to find the nearest lounge chair and bask in the sun’s warming glow? Sure, the icy-pink lipstick and bright-white bathing suit are adding to that fresh summer sheen, but the rope-like boxer braids are capping off the fun, casual vibe.

21. Light Ash-Blonde Ombre Hair in Boxer Braids


Not only do we love this woman’s boxer braids, which have strands of hair wrapped around the ties at the neck, but we are smitten with her natural deep espresso hair color, complete with blonde ombre. Oh yeah, the pooch is pretty cute, too.

22. Shoulder-Length Chocolate-Brown Hair in Short Boxer Braids


Think that having short hair means you can’t sport boxer braids? Think again. End the braid at the top of your neck by securing the hair with a twist tie—then let the remainder of your hair wave free in a ponytail. Bonus points to any accessories (chokers, anyone?) you can add to draw attention to the back of your neck and head, where all the magic is happening.

23. Long Black Double Dutch Braids


If you have a vibe that’s this coolly untouchable, sporting boxer braids will only increase that. So beware! You might suddenly become everyone’s hairstyle icon.

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