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23 Dreamy Purple Hairstyles to Drool Over

From soft lilacs to vibrant violets, purple and all of its shades are reigning supreme on the hair scene right now. There’s one for any FOMO-induced mood or tumbleweed whim. Do you want to be noticed like the queen you are? Nothing says, “Gaze upon me, peasants!” like a head of hair ablaze in bright purple. Do you want to let people know that you’re a creative, sensitive type—someone who’s not averse to colors typically seen in billowing puffs of cotton candy? Dye your mane with a soft lavender. The possibilities are endless. Buuut, since we’ve all got only 24 precious hours in a day, we’ve collected 23 of the dreamiest, most envy-inspiring examples of purple hair that exist out there. You’re welcome. Now scroll down, serf!


1. Shine Bright Like an Amethyst: Long Bright Purple Hair with Side-Swept Bangs


Kay Wilson

Kay Wilson works your typical beige-collar office job by day (the collar used to be white, but she repeatedly spilled coffee on it). By night she keeps things interesting by spilling red wine, runs, reads, and blogs at Hairstyle Guru.

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