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24 Photos of Blue Hair That Blow Us Away

Rainbow hair colors—you’ve seen them on Pinterest, Instagram, and in your wildest hair fantasies. There’s pink, for those who want to infuse their look with a cheerful, girlish energy. There’s purple, which has a moodier, more dramatic effect. And there’s gutsy green, a color that’s a little sarcastic, a lot feisty, and a whole hell of a lot unexpected.

While every color in the rainbow hair trend has its own unique appeal, no other color communicates a sense of boldness and daring like blue hair does. By the sheer act of immersing your mane in a color so atypical, you tell the world that you’re not afraid to be noticed.

But within the realm of blue hair there are hundreds of shades you can choose from, and each one has a slightly different aura from the next. Go for a deep, rich blue and make your look glam-punk. Ask your colorist to use a soft pastel blue, and bestow upon yourself the title of Supreme Ice Queen of Winter 2015–2016.

So, the question comes down to, What’s your mood? What shade of blue do you fancy? If you need a few ideas, check out the medley of 24 blue hairstyles below. We know you’ll find a hue that’s all you.

1. Long Thick Bright Cobalt-Blue Hair with Slight Ombre Effect


We’re falling hard for this thick, long, ever-so-slightly messy mane. The blue coloring—deep cobalt-blue at the base, lighter ice-blue at the ends—looks sensational. One thing we didn’t expect was how much blue hair could make blue eyes pop.

2. Long Straight Pastel Blue Hair with Long Side Bangs


Pastel hair colors are all the rage, and this light pastel blue capitalizes on that trend. But even if pastel hair wasn’t so high up on pop-culture registers, this romantic shade would still look beautiful. Another on-trend aspect of this look? The long, swept-to-the-side bangs.

3. Thick Long Cerulean-Blue Locks with Side Part and Flower Crown


No need to chase the blues away here—this pretty lady couldn’t be happier that her long, thick hair is awash in a gorgeous bright blue shade. Her sweet flower crown is one attention-grabbing hair accessory we can get behind.

4. Multidimensional Sapphire-Blue Wavy Hair with a Half-Up French Braid


Boring hair? Not here. With this look, not only do you have multidimensional color—sapphire blue, turquoise, cerulean blue, and royal blue all mingling together—but you also have luscious natural waves and an expertly done half-up french braid. (Seriously, we’re going to need friend backup to accomplish this feat, but it’ll be so worth the arm-twisting.)

5. Messy Uber-Long Sky-Blue Waves with Side-Swept Bangs


This look has tons of hipster style. The long messy waves, side part, and sky blue color give off an aura of lazy hipness. The ’60s shades only add to the style’s elemental coolness.

6. Gorgeously Thick Lapis-Blue Hair Styled in a Messy Bun


Give us a top-knot any day of the week and we’re pretty pleased. Color that top-knot in a gorgeous, quirky shade of blue, one we’d expect to see only in a drug-fueled hallucination? We’re in heaven.

7. Electric-Blue Hair with Deep Side Part in a Cute Asymmetrical Bob


This straight, sexy bob will look great on just about anyone. The dramatic swoop of hair across the eyes and the asymmetrical length are gorgeous, but the rich blue color is what’s really catching our eye.

8. Tousled Ice-Blue Wavy Hair with Long Layers


We’re digging these long, choppy, unkempt waves like no other. They look sassy and a bit surreal, like something out of a follicle fairy tale, when dyed in a sky-blue color.

9. Pastel Blue Hair in a Half-Up Bun Style


“Gaga” doesn’t even begin to describe our feelings for this look. We’re getting wooed by the thick hair, natural waves with a slight bedhead effect, and the half-up bun with face-framing strands. Top it all off with some bold blue color, and we’re mesmerized.

10. Subtle Blue Ombre Coloring for Dark-Brown Wavy Hair


These wonderful long black waves with subtle deep-blue ombre coloring are to-die-for. The color isn’t a hit-you-over-the-head hue, and the way it’s applied is delicate and tasteful.

11. Long Ice-Blue Locks in a Soft, Loose, Over-the-Shoulder Braid


This woman’s breathtaking light-blue locks are pulled into a charming, loose, over-the-shoulder braid. The look gives off a vibe that’s part romance, part shoulder-shrugging, “DGAF if my hair isn’t secured with a hair tie” ‘tude.

12. Sleek Shoulder-Length Bob with Slight Undercut and Soft Blue Ombre Coloring


Here’s another look that’s stylish and grown-up. The straight, polished bob sets a tasteful tone, but the shaved undercut and light blue coloring put out a vibe that’s all youthful rebellion.

13. Pretty Pastel Blue Ponytail with Curly Ends


We love this thick, dreamy ponytail with its curled ends. The ice-blue shade pumps up the style’s romantic ambience. If you’re looking for something that’ll be darling but super easy to wear, look no further than this ponytail.

14. Stunning Natural Mid-Length Curls with Stark Deep-Blue Ombre Coloring


These sublime natural curls extend just past the shoulders, which means the wow factor is kept in tact, but the level of maintenance won’t be too outrageous. Throw in some bright blue hair color, and you’ve got yourself a gold-medal winner of a hairstyle.

15. Turquoise-Blue Chunky Wavy/Curly Medium-Length Hair


This blue shade has some noticeable green undertones in it, resulting in an electric turquoise color. We think it complements the thick, messy waves, which look soft and touchable. Bonus points go to the perfectly applied winged eyeliner and Yoda shirt.

16. Lovely Long Curls with Sky-Blue Ombre Coloring and a Deep Blue Base


Typical brown-to-blonde ombre? It’s been done. If you want a look that’ll really turn heads, go for dark-blue-to-light-blue ombre. The lovely, cascading curls help to highlight each and every striking hue.

17. Icy, Steely-Blue Color for Short Straight Hair


This straight, blunt, tucked-behind-the-ears cut is sophisticated and grown-up, but the hair color is anything but. The blue shade is young, wild, and carefree. It screams for the spotlight.

18. Electric Blue Hair in a Straight Choppy Lob


You can’t get more eye-catching than this dazzling shade. The piecey, textured effect introduced at the ends of the hair gives this cut movement and interest. The side part forces the hair to glide across the eye, leaving us with a sense of drama and depth.

19. Long Wavy Black Hair with Blunt Two-Tone Blue Color


Dip-dye coloring isn’t for everyone. While blended color aims to look natural, to almost go unseen, dip-dye grabs your gaze and demands that you acknowledge it. And we love it for that. This particular hard-lined ombre look works incredibly well with this radiant shade of lapis blue added to natural black hair.

20. Romantic Medium-Length Bob with Powder-Blue Color and Berry Crown


Sigh. What do we have to do to get a look this sweet? Three ingredients are crucial to this free-spirited hairdo: a darling shade of powder blue, a slightly tousled straight bob, and a rustic winter crown. Throw in a chunky grandpa sweater and snowy setting, and you’ve got yourself an Instagram goldmine.

21. Glam-Punk Electric-Blue Afro for Natural Hair


We’re not surprised that this photo was snapped on the street of what looks like a big city (we’re betting New York), because this look is high fashion meets street style at its finest. The electric blue afro alone couldn’t be any cooler. When paired with some black leather, it takes the whole look up infinity notches.

22. Well-Blended Bright-Blue Ombre for Messy Mid-Length Hair


Sign us up for this look stat. The messy waves look stunning with azure-blue color blended into the ends. Set against this woman’s gorgeous natural black hair, the style is hipster perfection.

23. Short Natural Black Curls with Blue-Purple Color


Here’s another short curly look we love. The natural ringlets look glorious the way they’re trimmed. The blue shade is so deep it’s almost purple, but it still finds itself squarely in the blue camp.

24. Vintage-Style Wavy/Messy Pastel Blue Bob with Side-Swept Bangs


Want to look like a glamorous fifties bombshell with a contemporary twist? Sport a chic, volumized bob with generous side bangs. Then dye your mane a cool pale blue. You’ll be a hit with all the fellas (and the gals) this side of the millennium.

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