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25 Blonde Bobs That’ll Make You Rethink Your Unmanageable Long Hair

They say, “blondes have more fun.” But girls with blonde BOBS have the fun with the ease of a quick ponytail. A bob is easily chic without the extra effort.

Favorite celebrities and social media influencers have been quick to adapt to the bob the past few years. Miley, before she decided to grow armpit hair and sport unicorn clad thongs, was popular amongst the trend. Think classic like Marilyn, fashion-forward like Anna Wintour, or grunge like Taylor Momsen.

Either way you style it, you’ll be sure to be the envy of every girl too afraid to do the Big Chop.

Check out 25 amazing blonde bobs below.

1. Classic Bob

A simple bob, curled under a bit for a more feminine vibe.


Cortne Morgan

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