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25 Gorgeous Wedding Updos

Wedding season is in full swing. If you’re getting hitched, you’re more than likely stressed out by the months of meticulous planning that are about to be realized in one flashbulb burst of a moment. If you’re attending a wedding (or five) as a guest, your to-do list is probably much shorter, but it may be a bear all the same, especially if you’re in the wedding party.

We’re happy to tell you that you can check one item off that list: what hairstyle you’re going to don for the big event. It doesn’t matter if you’re the beaming bride, a proud bridesmaid, or a jubilant guest—you’re going to find a look that’s perfect for your attire and the wedding’s overall style. Desperate to incorporate braids into your ‘do? We’ve got you. Burning to wear a sleek, low bun? We’ve. Got. You. Just check out the 25 stunning bridal hairstyles below and breathe easy, because you’re going to look beautiful.

1. Messy Multi-Braid Updo with Gold Jeweled Hair Accessory


More is better when it comes to braids. This bridal hairstyle is a stunner with its overlapping braids—regular and fishtail—tucked into a pretty updo. The presence of a pretty jeweled comb/headband piece, plus the wistful flyaways, make this look something to behold.

2. Two-Toned Braided Bun Updo


This braided bun updo looks gorgeous with two-tone coloring. Perfect for a bride, bridesmaid, or guest, it’s a lovely choice for women with straight hair, as the contours of the braiding will really shine through.

3. High Curly/Wavy Updo


Wedding updos are frequently positioned low on the head, grazing the neck with a fluid, graceful ease. This one injects a bit more drama by sitting atop the head. The woman’s thick waves and curls bring even more interest to the classic hairstyle.

4. Curled Messy Low Updo with Middle Part


While we don’t know for sure what’s going on in the back of this bride’s hairstyle, we do know that the front is sure to wow anyone who’s lucky enough to lay eyes on her. This style’s best asset is its big, bodacious curls, and some strands have been pulled out from the updo to fall boldly around her face.

5. Front Braid with Low Bun


This hairstyle is so simple and yet so chic, making it great for a bridesmaid who wants a pretty but understated look. A braid has been introduced into the front of the head, picking up hair as it winds to the back. There, it ends in a messy chignon. Simply gorgeous.

6. Volumized Updo with Flowers


This stunner of a look is sure to captivate each and every guest—and probably make more than a few of ’em wish they were in your dearly beloved’s shoes. Yep, this curled, tousled, pinned-up ‘do is perfectly suited to a regal bride. The sweet flowers—in blush pink, linen white, and bird’s-egg blue—are like expertly applied icing on a designer wedding cake.

7. Sophisticated Low Chignon for Thick Chocolate Brown Hair


Calling all classic brides! This sleek, timeless chignon hairstyle is for you (though bridesmaids and guests could easily sport this look, too). The crossed sections of hair over the bun add a subtle touch of elegance.

8. Messy Updo with Flowers Pinned Underneath


This hairstyle should be propped up right next to the Mona Lisa and The Birth of Venus. It’s a work of art, with straw-blonde strands twisting everywhere, capped off with a few understated fresh white tulips. A truly breathtaking updo option for brides everywhere.

9. Low Bun with Beaded Headband for Natural Hair


This low-key look is ideal for any boho wedding. It’s understated but still elegant, with its large chignon and strands of hair accenting the face. The beaded headband gives it a 1920s flapper vibe.

10. French Braid Crown


The braids are back! This sweet style is perfect for a bridesmaid or a more laid-back bride. We love how the braid doesn’t end at the back of the hairstyle by getting swept up into a bun. Instead it’s extended fully around the head with french braiding.

11. Pinned-Back Curls for Chocolate Brown Hair


These pinned-up curls have no discernible shape, but that just adds to their wild beauty. The unkempt mass of soft spirals makes for a lovely bridal hairstyle, and the strands falling around the face only increase that effect. (Plus this woman has rich chocolate brown hair to boot. What a lucky lady!)

12. Classic Crescent Bun with Single Large Flower


We love this woman’s timeless crescent bun, but we also adore her giant flower accessory, which brings flirty and fun elements to the look.

13. Hidden-French-Braid Updo with Pretty Jeweled Pins


How lovely is this look? We think the tucked-in french braid is a great mix of classic and trendy. The jeweled pins take the hairstyle from gorgeous to “Pinterest jackpot.” Bonus points go to this bride’s pretty platinum-blonde coloring.

14. Classic French Twist for Bright Red Hair


Here’s another retro updo style that’s been enjoying a renaissance in the last few years. The classic french twist is relatively simple to do, but the result is dynamite. The poof at the top of this woman’s twist adds some extra sass.

15. Knotted Side Bun with Front Braid


This sweet look is ideal not only for weddings, but also for proms and other formal events. The side braid brings the trendiness, while the off-center braided bun brings the drama.

16. Large Chignon in Back, Swooping Section of Hair in Front


This bridal hairstyle is beyond unique. The swoop of hair in front is a bit retro, putting out an old Hollywood feeling and a hefty dose of nostalgia along with it. Meanwhile the large chignon in back is femininity perfected. We’d gladly commit to this hairstyle for life.

17. Rose-Shaped Low Bun


We can’t think of another look that’s more romantic than this rose-shaped low chignon. It’ll take a lot of pins and even more patience, but the effort will be worth it. The face-framing strands in front add additional sweetness.

18. Messy Mid-Height Bun with Poof


This style takes a tried-and-true bridal updo—the classic poof with a bun—and transforms it into something unmistakably 2016. The bright blonde tousled strands look beachy and fresh.

19. Retro 1950s Updo


We had to blink a couple times after we saw this hairdo—we weren’t sure if we saw a perfectly executed retro updo or a halo around this woman’s head. But really, she looks stunning in this hairstyle, with the slick swoop of hair framing her face perfectly.

20. French Braid Updo with Side Twists


This low-slung bundle of hair is mega gorgeous. The center hair poof and the slightly off-center french braid are a dynamic combo. Throw in two side twists, and you’ve got yourself a mesmerizing look. Better still is the fact that this woman’s light caramel highlights helps draw attention to the details.

21. Bouffant Updo with Bangs


Another retro updo that slays us with its contemporary edge. The bouffant updo (or, if you prefer, small beehive) has a long track record, but this woman’s sweet bangs make it trendy.

22. Big, Low Chignon with Rolled Top Section


With its impressive size, this low chignon makes a bold statement. The top section of hair that has been separated at the top and rolled into the rest of the hair at the back is a seriously inspired touch. What we adore even more is how this woman’s sumptuous chocolate-brown hair sets the tone for the entire ‘do.

23. High Bun for Thick Dark Blonde Hair


If you’re having a wedding that’s more relaxed, and you’re dying to sport a look that’s less serious and more fun, then this updo is your ticket to Blissful Wedding Town. It’s a high-profile bun that’s equal parts pretty and easy, making it perfect for laid-back brides and bridesmaids.

24. Double Chignon Updo with Sleek Side Part


This woman’s bold, artful updo is gorgeous with a capital G. The stark part separating the top and bottom sections of hair is modern and edgy, while the inclusion of not one but two chignons make this a trend-defying look.

25. Boho Flower Updo


If you’re a sucker for flower crowns, we’re pleased to introduce you to your next wedding hairstyle. This woman’s thick, beautiful strands of hair make for a lovely look when they’re piled atop her head and garnished with strings of flowers. Do we take this hairstyle for better or for worse? Yes, yes we do.

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