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26 Striking Hairstyles with Long Hair and Bangs

What type of hairstyle lends itself most naturally to having bangs? You’re probably thinking a short haircut—maybe a chin-dusting bob, or some heavily textured layers that go just past the collarbone at their longest.

We completely agree that short hair goes amazingly well with bangs, but what about long hair and bangs? If you’ve never considered this lethally cute combination, we’re here to show you the light. Maybe you’ve realized that long tresses and bangs are a match made in hair heaven and you want to find the perfect style for you. Either way, check out the 26 pictures below and see how well these ladies’ flowing locks look when a little fringe is thrown in for good measure.

1. Long Wavy Dark Ash-Brown Hair with Long Bangs


These long, chunky waves look darling when paired with long bangs. The color is incredibly rich, adding dimension to an already unique look.

2. Long, Thick Ombre Tresses with Long Bangs


You’ll be the height of cool and sophistication with a hairstyle like this. The slight ombre effect looks great on this woman’s thick locks, which have the tiniest hint of a wave. The bangs are so long that they rest on top of her sunglasses.

3. Tousled Blonde Hair and Super-Long Bangs


If you’re looking for a laid-back, slightly ’70s vibe, you’ve found it. This long, tousled, light-ash-blonde hairstyle looks effortless and easy, and it’s made trendy by the addition of long bangs. The bangs taper slightly at the sides, which is a small detail but helps to finish off the look.

4. Black-to-Brown Ombre Waves with Full Bangs


These charming black-to-brown ombre waves are going to be easy to achieve for women without naturally wavy hair. The waves don’t start until about the end of her nose, so you’ll want to avoid curling the entirety of a section of hair. These bangs are full and straight on, but they could easily be parted or swept to one side.

5. Long Fiery Red Hair with Side-Swept Bangs


We can’t think of a more stunning hairstyle/hair-color combo. These straight but semi-thick locks reach well past this woman’s chest, which is a dramatic statement to make by itself. But with her hair the gorgeous fire-red color that it is, and her side bangs as full and charming as they are, it becomes a knockout look.

6. Zooey Deschanel’s Gorgeous Rich-Brown Waves and Chunky Bangs


Everyone knows Zooey Deschanel is beautiful, but she wouldn’t be who she is without her signature crop of wavy dark-brown hair and those piecey hipster bangs. We love how big and bouncy her waves are, as opposed to the smaller waves you tend to see, especially on women with shorter hair.

7. Full, Thick, Wavy Golden-Brown Hair with Slightly Parted Bangs


This hair isn’t super long, but we thought we’d cheat a little due to the fact that the bangs make up for what the overall length lacks. We love their fullness and how they’re parted on the side.

8. Long, Straight, Messy Blonde Hair with Full, Thick Bangs


If you have full, thick hair and you’re looking to make a serious impression with your look, try out this lengthy blonde number with full bangs that extend past the eyebrows. We’re also fans of the slight ombre effect, which begins higher up near the crown region.

9. Olivia Wilde’s Sweet Curly Brown Locks and Full Bangs


Olivia Wilde is a brunette bombshell. That’s especially evident here, with her hair long and trendy bangs snipped in. The fullness of the bangs and their slightly choppy ends work great with her square jawline.

10. Long Stick-Straight Raven-Brown Hair and Bangs


This sporty, spunky look is a real winner in our book. The straight, shiny, raven-colored locks put out a sexy vibe, while the slightly choppy bangs make the ‘do sweet and approachable. “Put a beanie on it” could be the new “put a bird on it”—thoughts?

11. Long, Straight, Tweed-Brown Hair with Full Bangs


Not only do we love the length and fullness of these bangs, but we’re digging the way they taper slightly at the sides. Another bonus to this hairstyle? The slightly fussed-up appearance to some gorgeous brown locks that are otherwise playing it straight.

12. Uber-Messy Long Dark Hair with Short, Ragged Bangs and a Half-Up Top Knot


This one’s a jaw dropper. The trendy factor is here in spades with the super-short “baby” bangs, which also have a uniquely ragged line made by varied lengths of hair. (The bangs work great because of the women’s oval-shaped face, which can handle just about any type of fringe.) But there’s also the half-up top knot to take into consideration, plus the uber-long super-messy locks. All in all, this hairstyle is winning the style game by a mile.

13. Sleek Black Hair and Long Bangs


Here’s another super-sleek look that we’re loving. The bangs here are a tad thicker than others we’ve seen, but that’s exactly why the look works for this woman, who has a face shape that’s in between oval and round.

14. Messy Blonde Locks with Side-Tapered Bangs and Headband


If you want to add a dash of vintage appeal to your look, try sporting slightly messy long blonde locks, long bangs, and a pretty headband. It’ll feel like the perfect combination of a timeless throwback and popular trends.

15. Layered Side-Swept Bangs for Long Ginger-Red Straight Hair


These heavily layered bangs aren’t seen much, but they look incredibly unique and fresh here. You’ll want to make sure you have enough hair (read: thick hair) to pull off this look. The long, straight, ginger-red locks look fantastic in their supporting role.

16. Long Black-to-Brown Ombre Hair with Heavy Bangs


How low can you go? Or, more accurately, how long can you go? These uber-long locks complement the long, tapered bangs incredibly well. The black-to-brown ombre effect is super sweet, too.

17. Jessica Biel’s Espresso-Brown Wavy Hair with Side-Swept Bangs


We looove Jessica Biel’s thick brown bangs with caramel-y, light-brown highlights. They’re a perfect complement to her long, low-key, wavy tresses, which give off a slight hippie vibe.

18. Long Straight Jet-Black Hair and Short, Texturized Bangs


These beautiful black locks are another great example of long, straight hair that really shines when paired with bangs. To mix it up, makeup artist Stephanie Suero has chosen shorter bangs that hit just above her eyebrows, and they couldn’t be cuter.

19. Straight-Across Blunt Bangs for Straight but Messy Fire-Red Hair


While these short, blunt bangs are cute, they aren’t going to be easy to pull off for just anyone. You’ll need an oval-shaped face to do these right. Luckily this beautiful gal has that covered, and her fire-red fussed-up tresses look great with this type of fringe.

20. Long, Straight Ombre Hair with Piecey Fringe


How darling is this look? We’re swooning over the brown-to-honey-blonde ombre effect, as well as the piecey but thick bangs that introduce interest and movement into this cut.

21. Long Messy Brown Locks with Baby Bangs


This look is hipster street style at its finest. The long, messy, wind-blown brown locks say “I’m too cool for school,” while the uber-short baby bangs tell us that she clearly has her finger on the pulse of style.

22. Half-Up Wavy Brown Hair with Short Bangs


If you want to look like you stepped out of a fairytale, look no further than this picture. The super-long tresses are dreamy, but they’re made dreamier by this woman’s naturally wavy texture. Throw in some piecey bangs, and you’ve got a whimsical look for the ages.

23. Super-Blunt Straight Bangs for Long Medium-Brown Hair


Do you want a runway-esque look that won’t require a crazy hair color or extreme cut? This style is the one for you. With its blunt bangs and long overall length, it has all the glamour and high fashion of a straight-off-the-runway look without being too out there.

24. Teased Black Hair with Waves, Layers, and Asymmetrical Bangs


There’s lots going on with this look, but that doesn’t mean it’s too much—or that it will be hard to pull off. This woman’s long black tresses have movement because of the many layers and messy waves, but they’re balanced by her sharply tapered blunt bangs, which help draw your eye back upward.

25. Long Crimson-Red Hair with Hints of Blonde and Long, Slightly Curled Bangs


This look makes a bold statement, with its long, sleek locks; gorgeous red coloring with blonde highlights; and full, curled bangs. If you want to make heads turn and keep all eyes on you, you’re going to want to snatch up this look stat.

26. Hannah Simone’s Rich Dark Brown Waves with Full, Blunt Bangs


Hannah Simone is definitely one of our bangs-sporting crushes right now. The look she’s gone for here is lovely meets sexy, with her sweet full bangs and long, lustrous, wavy tresses. We’re also in love with her hair color, a sumptuous, deep brown, chocolate-y hue.

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