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26 Striking Hairstyles with Long Hair and Bangs

What type of hairstyle lends itself most naturally to having bangs? You’re probably thinking a short haircut—maybe a chin-dusting bob, or some heavily textured layers that go just past the collarbone at their longest.

We completely agree that short hair goes amazingly well with bangs, but what about long hair and bangs? If you’ve never considered this lethally cute combination, we’re here to show you the light. Maybe you’ve realized that long tresses and bangs are a match made in hair heaven and you want to find the perfect style for you. Either way, check out the 26 pictures below and see how well these ladies’ flowing locks look when a little fringe is thrown in for good measure.

1. Long Wavy Dark Ash-Brown Hair with Long Bangs


These long, chunky waves look darling when paired with long bangs. The color is incredibly rich, adding dimension to an already unique look.

Kay Wilson

Kay Wilson works your typical beige-collar office job by day (the collar used to be white, but she repeatedly spilled coffee on it). By night she keeps things interesting by spilling red wine, runs, reads, and blogs at Hairstyle Guru.

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