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27 Hot Pixie Cuts to Copy in 2022

This year, the pixie cut is the hot hairstyle to sprout from your skull. It says you’re daring, bold, and freed from one of the most domineering masters known to humankind: long locks. Below, we’ve got everything from traditional close-cropped pixie cuts to fashion-forward undercuts to bang-heavy ‘dos. Which means we’ve got something for everyone, whether your hair’s thick or thin, curly or stick-straight, wildly disobedient or perfectly poised. And best of all? These looks check all the right boxes: hip, spunky, totally 2022. So scroll on and find the perfect pixie cut to freshen up your look.

1. Rooty Caramel-Blonde Long Layered Pixie Cut with Dramatic Side Part

side swept dark blonde rooty pixie cut

2. Fluffy and Thick Light-Copper-Colored Pixie Cut

side-parted pixie cut for thick hair

3. Curly Pixie Cut with Slight Undercut for Black Women

black woman with curly pixie cut

4. Sophisticated Rooty Pearl-Blonde Long Pixie Cut with Tons of Height

creamy blonde pixie cut

5. Straight Pixie Cut with Short Blunt Bangs for Relaxed Hair

relaxed blunt pixie cut for black women

6. Long-in-Front Pixie Cut for Thick Wavy Dark-Brown Hair

dark brown curly undercut pixie cut

7. Auburn/Chestnut-Brown Hair in a Long-on-Top, Short-in-Back Textured Pixie

pixie cut for straight brown hair

8. Partially Shaved Pixie Cut with Gray Coloring

gray messy pixie cut

9. Bright Purple on Top/Black on Bottom Two-Tone Pixie Cut/Bowl Cut/Undercut

bright purple undercut pixie cut for black women

10. Long Messy Pixie Cut with Undercut and Vibrant Cinnamon Coloring

brownish red messy undercut pixie cut

11. Long Straight Gray Two-Tone Pixie Cut with Elegant Undercut

long gray pixie cut

12. Shaggy Slightly Grown-Out Pixie Cut

shaggy pixie cut

13. Super-Short Dark-Auburn Pixie Cut with Super-Short Bangs for Fine Hair

copper red close cropped pixie cut

14. Gorgeous Asymmetrical Two-Tone Pixie Cut with Gray-Blonde Coloring on Top and Black Undercut

long platinum blonde pixie cut with dark brown undercut

15. Close-Cropped Platinum-Blonde Pixie Cut

undercut platinum blonde pixie cut

16. Straight Pixie Cut with Piecey Bangs for Relaxed Hair

straightened short pixie cut for black women

17. Pixie Cut with Undercut for Thick Curly Hair

curly dark brown pixie cut

18. Thick Curly Long Pixie Cut with Electric-Red Coloring

bright cherry red curly wavy pixie cut

19. Long Straight Pixie Cut for Fine Black Hair with Subtle Blue Highlights

straight long black pixie cut

20. Curly/Wavy Light-Auburn Hair in a Long-on-Top Pixie Cut

long wavy red pixie cut

21. Elegant Long Pixie Cut for Straight Hair

medium brown long pixie cut

22. Dark-Brown Curly Hair in a Long, Full Pixie Cut

curly brown pixie cut

23. Messy Pixie Cut with Short Bangs for Black Hair

messy black pixie cut

24. Long Pixie Cut for Straight Carrot-Red Hair

bright carrot red hair in a pixie cut

25. Platinum-Blonde Pixie with Undercut, Dramatic Part, and Asymmetrical Shape

platinum blonde undercut pixie cut with side part

26. Shaved Pixie Cut Fohawk with Super-Light Lavender Coloring

spiky pixie cut with cotton candy pink color

27. Long Pixie Cut for Rooty Light-Blonde Hair

long blonde pixie cut

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