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30 Braided Ponytail Hairstyles to Slay In

You’ve done the messy ponytail—now it’s time to kick it up a notch and try a braided ponytail.

Whether you want something simple or extravagant, you’ll elevate your look to the next level of gorgeousness by twisting a braid—or lots of ’em—into your ponytail. Some of these hairstyles feature braids at the crown; some take a fancy, teased ponytail and weave a small braid around the hair band. Some use thin, tight braids; others use thick, meaty braids. Some are ideal for a senior prom or a best friend’s wedding; others will be simple and easy enough to wear to a work event—or even to work.

There’s no limit to the level of creativity you can achieve with a braided ponytail. Below, pore over the 30 prettiest braided ponytail hairstyles we’ve seen yet, and feel free to stash a couple of these ideas into your mental style safe for your next big (or small) event.

1. Loose Chunky Braid in a Platinum-Blonde Curled Ponytail


This pretty hairstyle starts with a loose braid at the top of the head, a bit off to the side, and extends it all the way to the end of the hair. Then the braid and the rest of the hair are gathered up into a ponytail, and a couple strands of hair are wrapped around the band to give it a finishing touch. Use your curling iron to add in a few bouncy curls, and you’ve got yourself one stunner of a braid-accented ponytail.

2. Two Side Braids with Hair Bump/Poof and Big Curly Ponytail


This hairstyle couldn’t be hotter. It’s perfect for any formal event that you want to bring the glam to, such as a fancy cocktail party. The hair bump at the top of the head and the big, curly ponytail make this look probably a bit too dramatic for a casual event. Our absolute favorite part of this look? The tiny, tight cornrows/side braids accenting the ‘do.

3. Top Dutch Braid for Bright Cherry-Red Hair


This coiffure is pretty unique, and that’s not simply because of the electric cherry-red color infused throughout. It’s because the braid featured at the top of the head in this ponytail hairstyle is a chunky Dutch braid, which you usually tend to see at the side of the head. But no matter—it looks absolutely smashing the way it is.

4. Side and Top Braids with a Big Blonde Rocker Ponytail


This ‘do has more than enough attitude for ten hairstyles, so be ready to get on its level if you try it out. Because of the teased ponytail, which infuses the look with a relaxed, “whatever” vibe, this style can go from casual to glamorous in a beat.

5. Merged Top and Side Braids with a Low Ponytail


We love how this hairstyle merges two braids, one on top and one on the side, together—an intriguing way to halt the braids at the top of the head. We’re also fans of the low-profile ponytail, which isn’t always seen when braided accents are added. All in all, this hairstyle is unexpected and almost avant-garde—but still laid-back and cool.

6. Double Side Dutch Braids for Blonde Ombre Hair


If you are lucky enough to have long, thick hair, you need to sport this hairstyle. The double Dutch braids, while indisputably trendy at the moment, have a timeless, romantic feel to them. The thick blonde waves of the ponytail mix effortlessly with the remainder of the braids.

7. Simple, Short Low Braided Ponytail with Tapered Bangs for Auburn Red Hair


At first blush, this look may seem straightforward: long, tapered bangs with a low, curled ponytail. But looks can be deceiving. The hair is actually gathered and braided a few times—then the hair band is put in place, and the remainder of the hair cascades into a wavy ponytail. Gorgeous and easy? Sign us up.

8. Elegant Side Braid and Ponytail with Long Bangs


A perfect hairstyle for a formal event or a low-key evening at your favorite watering hole. The side braid is elegant and chic, while the curly ponytail is pretty and romantic. The long, face-framing strands are très chic. We also love this woman’s rich espresso-brown hair color with lots of caramels and a touch of pale blonde woven in.

9. Messy Blonde Ponytail with Braid Wrapped Around Hair Tie


If you had gorgeous long blonde hair, would you or would you not invest in a crimping iron, grow out some long bangs, and then one day, in the throes of a beauty epiphany, pull your massive mane back into a low ponytail, tease in a hair bump, and wrap a braided strand around your hair band? We thought so. Your Internet Honor, we rest our case.

10. Crown Braid and Curly Ponytail for Natural Hair


This precious look is definitely one you’re going to want to save for more special occasions. It’s not that it’s particularly hard to master, but with those crown braids sweeping across the hairline and the luscious, curly poof of a ponytail at the end, it’s going to really set the tone for any significant event you want to mark.

11. Bright Ash-Blonde Hair with a Side Braid and Volumized Messy Ponytail


Hello, drama! This look is gorgeous, but it’s not meant for every day. The tsunami of platinum ash-blonde curls in the ponytail are what’s causing such a spectacular effect, so if you have less hair, you could certainly wear this a bit more often. But if you do have a ton of hair and want to weave in a side braid, pull forward a few face-framing pieces of hair, and bring the rest of the hair back into a curly ponytail, you’ll leave ’em stunned for sure.

12. Ponytail with Underside Braid for Long Honey-BlondishBrown Hair


There’s something about this look that’s so cool it’s almost European. Maybe it’s the French braid that starts at the back of this woman’s head, all the way down at the neck, and travels up to her high ponytail. Maybe it’s the spout of beautiful long caramel-colored hair coming out from atop her head. Either way, we’re in awe.

13. Small Side Braid for Sleek Golden-Blonde Ponytails


This look is super-duper easy, which means you can wear it to a formal event or whip it up in the mornings before work, even when you’re pressed for time. Just separate a section of hair at the front of your head; then create a French braid with that strand, falling off and down to one side. Pin it up once you’ve done a few twists. Gather the rest of your hair up into a ponytail, and you’re done.

14. Understated Side Braid with Hair Bump/Poof for Long Black-Brown Hair


Here’s another look incorporating a hair bump in the top section of the hair, right above the subtle side braid. Going to such heights are best suited for fancy affairs, but again, if you truly wanted to sport this look at any old time, you do you. The long, sleek ponytail here is the definition of fabulous.

15. Cute Side Braid and Short Spunky Ponytail for Short Hair


Just because you don’t have super-long hair doesn’t mean you can’t have a braided ponytail. Take a cue from Ashlee Simpson’s book and work in a side braid into your short hair. Her honey-brown hair color is oh so darling, too.

16. Super Stylish Center-Braided Ponytail for Short Platinum-Blonde Hair


If looks could kill, we’d all be hanging on by a thread right now. This short, feisty ponytail hairstyle is lethally chic, with its ice-blonde coloring, super-blunt ends, and totally atypical dead-center braid placement.

17. Teased Faux Hawk Braid with Long Ombre Ponytail


This french-braided faux hawk is exquisite. Because of all the teasing done to the braid—which adds, you guessed it, drama—you’ll want to save this gem of a hairstyle for special occasions. We’re head over heels for that gorgeous ombre coloring (yes, still) and the band that’s been heavily wrapped with hair.

18. Gorgeous Deep Red Hair in a Side Braid and Low Curly Ponytail


Looking for a ‘do that’ll give you that earth-angel glow? You’ve found it in this style. A pretty side braid cascades down into a low ponytail and is finished off with sumptuous curls. Bringing the entire ponytail forward to add a romantic, fairy-tale feel? That’s sure to earn you your wings.

19. Bright Blonde Hair in a Side Dutch Braid and Big, Messy Ponytail


This big, messy, bright blonde ponytail will be perfect for any occasion. The tousled effect makes it great for casual events, from a weekend brunch to even your regular visit to the gym. The addition of the chunky side Dutch braid and wisp of hair in front of the ear makes it romantic enough for a formal outing.

20. Loose French Braid Along the Hairline That Ends with a Ponytail


This loose French Braid at the top of the head is another great example of how to add a little spice to an everyday hairdo. The ponytail at the base of the hair is pulled forward, providing a bit of softness in front.

21. Chunky, Thick, Low Ponytail with Fishtail Braid


What’s really unique about this hairstyle is that the braid—or, in this case, the fishtail braid—is inserted below the hair tie. Without the braid, it’d be your typical low-slung, messy ponytail, albeit a fabulously thick one. The icy-blonde coloring sets this look apart, putting it squarely in fairytale territory.

22. Two Dutch Braids and a Low Wavy Ponytail


We can’t get enough of the Dutch braid around here. These are two more amazingly thick side Dutch braids, paired with a long, tousled ponytail and a strand of hair wrapped around the band. See those little flyaways at the top? Those charming little buggers just might be our favorite part of this hairstyle.

23. Side Braid with Small Hair Bump and Long Blonde Ponytail


On the sleek end of the spectrum is this straight blonde ponytail, which is a bit on the thinner side, too. But the overall style is given some extra oomph at the top with a modest hair bump. Complementing that accent is a well-formed side braid, which helps to highlight this woman’s multi-toned blonde hair.

24. Top Fishtail Braid and Long Ombre Ponytail


We know the pooch is attempting to steal the show here, but focus instead on this woman’s epic fishtail braid. It starts on top and extends almost all the way down to the ends of the hair. Incorporating it into a high ponytail is pawsitively perfection.

25. Loose Side Dutch Braid and Long, Slightly Wavy Platinum-Blonde Ponytail


This platinum blonde Dutch side braid is so loose it’s almost falling out, but that adds an undeniable air of youthfulness and enchantment to the ‘do. We’re loving how the hairstyle exposes the woman’s natural roots underneath her platinum-blonde hair, which gives off an ashy effect at the top and overall almost creates the aura of ombre.

26. Crown Braid and Thick Ponytail for Two-Tone Hair


If you’re pressed for time and the only hairstyle you can think of is a basic ponytail, take a style cue from this woman and toss in a braid crown. Braid crowns are getting a lot of attention in updo form, but when paired with a ponytail, they look just as attractive. Unfortunately long-haired ladies are the only ones who can play around with this style; the rest of us will have to count down the days until our short or mid-length manes mature.

27. Pretty Low Side Dutch Braid and Low Ponytail


How can you not stand in awe of this softly cinnamon-colored hair? The hue is so rich and atypical. Better yet is the fact that it’s paired with a thick side Dutch braid, which doesn’t end at the ponytail holder but extends all the way down into the ponytail itself.

28. Low Side Dutch Braid with Messy Ponytail and Metallic Hair Cuff


This hairstyle doesn’t stamp its feet or pound its fists in an attempt to get you to notice it. Even with the pretty side Dutch braid and stylish copper hair cuff, it keeps a cool profile by setting the ponytail at the base of the neck.

29. Simple Ponytail for Long Ombre Hair with Braided Section Wrapped Around Hair Tie


Because this hairstyle is so low-key, you can wear it pretty much anywhere that doesn’t require a dress code. Of course you could wear it to more formal events as well, but if you wanted something with more pizzazz, you’d need to continue scouring those Pinterest boards. Still, the long ombre ponytail and thin braid wrapped around the hair band are vibing with each other on just the right wavelength.

30. Chunky Side Dutch Braid and Thick, Long, Curled Ponytail


Side Dutch braid, long ombre ponytail, wispy face-framing strands? Check, check, check! This look also delivers a healthy dose of drama by curling in some unruly waves into the ponytail.

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