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30 Straight Medium-Length Layered Haircuts

In our quest to document the most breathtaking layered hairstyles on earth (we’re ambitious, what can we say?), we’ve covered long layered hairstyles for straight-haired and wavy/curly-haired women. Then we gathered medium-length layered hairstyles for all the wavy-haired wonders out there. Now it’s time to bring you medium-length layered chops for those with straight hair. If your hair is naturally straight (or you can make it that way with tools and product without losing your mind) and you’re looking to get a fresh cut, try any of these 30 medium-length layered gems.

1. Straight Medium-Length Layered Dark-Brown Hair with Tawny-Blonde Ombre

medium length brown to blonde balayage layered hair

The lovely layers in this woman’s hair highlight the gorgeous butterscotch-blonde ombre coloring toward her ends. This cut would work well for women with thick or thin hair.

2. Straight Medium-Length Layered Platinum-Blonde Hair

medium layered blonde hair

The layers in this woman’s bright-blonde hair cross in the back to form a soft V shape. It’s a beautiful look if you don’t want a major amount of layering in the front but adore the criss-crossing effect.

3. Medium-Length Black Hair with Lots of Layers

medium layered hair

These chunky layers, introduced in the front and throughout the hairstyle, create a dynamic shape for this woman’s dome. Her jet-black hair looks stunning at a medium length.

4. Straight Mid-Length Ash-Blonde Hair with Layers

straight blonde medium length layered hair

This spunky, shoulder-length ‘do is coupled with short layers and white-blond coloring. The dark-blonde coloring underneath sets off the top color in spectacular fashion. Those slinky-straight strands look perfect when layered on top of each other.

5. Layered Lob for Black Hair with Burgundy Balayage

medium burgundy layered hair

This lustrous little hairstyle ends just past the shoulders and incorporates wispy layers throughout. Layering is a necessity for women with thick hair, which is exactly what this woman has. Her burgundy-on-black locks are oh so fetching.

6. Straight Black Hair with Tons of Layering

layered medium length black hair

We love this woman’s medium-length locks, which incorporate layers at the back and a bit at the front. This ‘do would look fantastic for women with straight, wavy, or curly hair. (Ditto for the rest of these layered cuts, which help take out bulk and make curly hair especially lay in a pleasing shape.)

7. Multitoned Mid-Length Blonde Hair with Short Layers

straight blonde hair with v shape

These short layers inject movement into this woman’s mid-length haircut. The length of the strands varies ever so slightly, creating a lovely waterfall effect.

8. Dark Ash Brown A-Line Long Bob with Chunky Layers

asymmetrical layered medium length brown bob

One person’s haircut is another’s work of art. This angular gem looks stunning with a bunch of inconsistent layers. We love that the hair on her right side is just a bit longer than the other side, and that the cut is mid-length: not too long to have its style lost on everyone, but not too short that it can’t be put back in a ponytail.

9. Heavily Layered Straight Straw-Blonde Hair

layered blonde hair with bangs

This feathered shag is reminiscent of the ’70s, but it’s hip and totally today at the same time. The many face-framing layers create gorgeous accents around the face, while the hair brought forward from the back adds even more sweetness.

10. Dark Ash Brown Mid-Length Layered Hair

brown medium length hair with layers

This mid-length cut looks totally standard at first glance. But it actually has light layering throughout, which adds playfulness and interest to an otherwise unassuming ‘do. We’re digging the rich ash-brown shade of this woman’s dark hair.

11. Straight Medium-Length Layered Blonde Hair

blonde layered medium length hair

You know that waterfall layering effect we were talking about? Yeah, this hairstyle has that going on … HARD. The many layers throughout this woman’s straw-blonde hair make a bold statement.

12. Mid-Length Layered Cut with Pumpkin-Spice Balayage for Straight Brown Hair

medium length layered light brown hair

We love this fierce angular cut, which still seems warm and down-to-earth despite its many layers. The length of the shortest layers are relatively long; after that, the rest of the hair drops off sharply. The “hickory meets pumpkin spice” color is divine—and perfect for fall.

13. Layered A-line Long Bob for Straight Black Hair

straight layered bob

This hairstyle is so chic—clean, jagged cuts at the ends and soft layering around the face will do that—but it’s still so totally wearable. Anyone who opts for this ‘do will be able to put it back in a ponytail or a half-up bun if need be, and of course they’d still look fabulous.

14. Medium-Length Beige-Blonde Straight Hair with Layers

medium length blonde layered hair

Here we have a head of hair that’s thick and full, so it makes sense that this woman’s stylist has injected a ton of layering toward the ends. Her hair extends a bit past the shoulders, which, coupled with the layers, make it look longer than it actually is.

15. Mid-Length Layered Fire-Red Hair

straight layered shoulder length red hair

Set aside the fact that this woman has silky, gorgeous red hair—let’s talk about that cut. Even though light layers have been strategically placed toward the bottom, her hair looks like it has tons of movement, due to the length and layering. Brava, stylist extraordinaire!

16. Straight Medium-Length Layered Dark Hair with Pale-Blonde Balayage

straight layered mid length hair with light brown balayage

These wisps of hair look all the more darling due to the fact that they’re of layered, varied lengths. This trendy medium-length cut begins with face-framing strands that hit just above the shoulders and ends with the longest pieces hitting at the upper back.

17. Thick Straight Mid-Length Hair with Chunky Layers

thick blonde shoulder length hair with layers

Here’s another ‘do for women with thick hair to copy immediately. The overall length falls a bit past the woman’s shoulders, but the layers are long and plentiful, with the shortest among them probably hitting at this woman’s chin when they’re brought forward. Daring and bold—we love it.

18. Shoulder-Length Dark-Mocha-Brown Hair with Short Layers

dark brown mid length hair with layers

We love this woman’s fun, flirty haircut. The layers are key to delivering such a fresh vibe. They create a slight sideways V shape (the point of the V on the outside), which translates to us as movement and life. (Also, is it just us, or is this Courteney Cox’s twin?!)

19. Thick Shoulder-Length Dark Hair with Layering and Medium-Brown Coloring

straight dark brown layered lob

Here’s another haircut that’s chasing after the same look as the one above: a sideways V shape with tons of short, chunky layers at the bottom resulting in tons of movement and sweetness. We’re sold.

20. Straight Medium-Ash-Brown Layered Hair

brown layered medium length hair

Falling just below the shoulders, this easy breezy hairstyle takes on a suave shape with the introduction of layers. We’re also melting over this woman’s straight, silky, luscious brown hair, which would probably look great with any cut.

21. Layered Medium-Length Butter-Blonde Straight Hair

layered mid length blonde hair

Look out, world! The layers in this woman’s gorgeous straight blonde hair are taking over. They look juicy when swept back, and the overall length adds volume below the already thick top layer taking center stage above.

22. Straight Medium-Length Fine Hair with Short Layers

medium length straight layered hair

We’re in awe of model Valerie Mercado’s artsy, angular cut, with incorporates layering/feathering around the face to dramatic effect. Her fine hair looks so sweet with toffee-blonde balayage applied.

23. Layered Mid-Length Straight Dark Brown Hair

medium length layered haircut

The long layers in this woman’s medium-length dark-chocolate-brown hair deliver a lovely look. They do exactly what layers are supposed to do: in removing bulk, they add movement and provide a shape to what would otherwise be a relatively flat haircut.

24. Copper-Red Straight Medium-Length Hair with Chunky Layers

medium length layered red hair

While we couldn’t be more bowled over by those luscious copper-red strands, we think the haircut this woman is sporting is right up there with some of the finest. The short, chunky layers add a playfulness that’s unparalleled.

25. Dark-Ash-Brown Mid-Length Hair with Wispy Layers

medium length layered brown hair

What do we love? This haircut! Why do we love it? Oh, you know, for a million reasons: those bangs plus the angling at the front of the hair; the very light brown coloring used for the balayage, which adds just the right amount of warmth to the base shade; the woman’s straight, swooping strands. When do we want to get this haircut ourselves? Right now!

26. Medium-Length Straight Layered Black Hair

medium length layered black hair

There’s no balayage in this pretty ‘do, but that’s no matter; the hairstyle makes up for it with snazzy set of layers and a rich raven-black base. We’ll admit it—we’re all googley-eyed for this ‘do.

27. Messy Medium-Length White-Blonde/Nude-Blonde Hair with Layers

chunky blonde layered medium length hair

We have one word (OK, actually more like three) for these messy strands: rock ‘n’ roll. And you don’t even have to chop it all off and sport a pixie cut to achieve this—the key to this medium-length cut with tons of layers is all in the styling. So grab some curl cream or texture wax, depending on the texture of your hair, and get working!

28. Dark-Ash-Brown Layered Mid-Length Hair

medium length chocolate brown layered hair

This haircut may be dancing the fuzzy line between medium and long hair, but it’s lovely all the same. That long, thick layer is divine, as is the woman’s rich nearly black shade of dark brown hair.

29. Straight Honey-Blonde/Caramel-Brown Layered Hair

medium length layered brown hair with blonde highlights

Besides the color of this hairstyle being gorgeous (a delicious blend of honey blonde and warm caramel brown), it’s also got a great cut going for it. The funky layers help to inject movement into a more typical medium-length ‘do.

30. Straight Layered Burgundy-Colored Hair

medium length layered burgundy hair

Short layers at the bottom plus rich burgundy coloring plus silky straight strands plus a mid-length chop equals heaven. That is all.

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