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30 Straight Medium-Length Layered Haircuts

In our quest to document the most breathtaking layered hairstyles on earth (we’re ambitious, what can we say?), we’ve covered long layered hairstyles for straight-haired and wavy/curly-haired women. Then we gathered medium-length layered hairstyles for all the wavy-haired wonders out there. Now it’s time to bring you medium-length layered chops for those with straight hair. If your hair is naturally straight (or you can make it that way with tools and product without losing your mind) and you’re looking to get a fresh cut, try any of these 30 medium-length layered gems.

1. Straight Medium-Length Layered Dark-Brown Hair with Tawny-Blonde Ombre

medium length brown to blonde balayage layered hair

The lovely layers in this woman’s hair highlight the gorgeous butterscotch-blonde ombre coloring toward her ends. This cut would work well for women with thick or thin hair.

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