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35 Wavy Medium-Length Layered Hairstyles

Recently we got lost in the dreamy wonder of wavy long layered hairstyles. We haven’t been able to turn away from wavy layered cuts; we’ve got more looks to show you, this time of the shorter variety. It’s really an ideal time to starting talking about mid-length cuts. Fall’s creeping into our hemisphere, and we all know that nothing looks cuter with a scarf or turtleneck than a medium-length chop. And what can top that than throwing in a bunch of sassy layers? (If you answered “nothing,” you get an A+, a gold star, and our unending love and devotion.)

If you want to ace the fashion and beauty tests of the real world, take some pointers from these 35 medium-length wavy hairstyles with layers.

1. Wavy/Messy Choppy Long Bob with Layers and Light Brown Balayage

medium length layered brown hair

These choppy layers will be a perfect fall look, especially if you need a little more warmth when swaddled in a scarf and jacket. The just-past-the-collarbone length allows for versatility, while the subtle light-brown balayage infused into the base color adds a hint of playfulness.

2. Wavy Layered Long Bob for Nude-Blonde Hair with Pale-Blonde Babylights

wavy blonde medium layered hair

This mid-length lob looks stunning with a wavy texture and pale-blonde coloring weaved in throughout the dark-blonde base color. The layers add even more movement to the style. If you want to hold on to that summer vibe just a little bit longer, this ‘do’s for you.

3. Wavy Dark-Brown Shoulder-Length Hair with Layers

brown layered mid length hair

These waves take on a gorgeous shape thanks to some expertly placed layers. The dark-chocolate-brown color and tousled quality to the hair make it sumptuous and romantic (a high-collared lace shirt doesn’t hurt in that department!).

4. Multicolored Blonde Mid-Length Hair with Layers and Soft Waves

wavy layered mid length blonde hair

These gentle waves were most likely formed with a curling iron, but that’s good news for those who don’t have naturally wavy hair. Any look is achievable with the right product, tools, and, of course, some patience and time. We’re also loving the multi-hue color, as arresting as rolling cornfields lit up by the sun on a fall afternoon.

5. Wavy Espresso-Brown Medium-Length Hair with Medium-Brown Balayage and Short Layers

wavy medium length layered brown hair

The layers placed throughout this hairstyle are much shorter than the ones above. Admittedly they’re a bit hard to make out, but they’ve created a sleek shape that wouldn’t exist without them. Anyone with hair that’s on the thinner side would do well to get this chop, because the layers aren’t extreme and won’t take away too much bulk.

6. Wavy Chestnut-Brown Collarbone-Length Hair with Caramel Balayage and Layers

medium brown wavy layered hair

This look marries “pretty” with “relaxed and easy.” The deep brown of the base color appears sun-kissed with the application of caramel balayage toward the center and ends of the strands.

7. Shoulder-Length Wavy Hair with Short Layers and Blue Balayage

wavy layered blue hair

Blue hair isn’t done dominating the scene yet! The electric color in this woman’s hair is captivating: ice blue near the crown, with a deeper robin’s-egg blue at the ends. We’re also vibing with the soft waves and short layers, which punch up this look even more.

8. Shoulder-Length Medium-Ash-Bronde Hair with Layers and Soft Waves

wavy layered medium haircut

A few elements of this hairstyle are vying for our attention: the ashy, natural color; the spunky, layered, mid-length cut; and the gorgeous big waves. No one aspect is more dominant than the other; they all work in tandem to deliver a super-cute look.

9. Rich Dark-Chocolate-Brown Waves with Layers

dark brown curly layered hair

This shoulder-length cut draws paparazzi-level attention to the waves in this woman’s hair, whether they be natural or faux. The shine is off the charts, too.

10. Collarbone-Length Medium-Brown Hair with Waves, Layers, and Barely-There Balayage

wavy layered medium brown hair

The balayage in this woman’s look is so subtle that if you turn away too fast, you might miss it. But it’s that subtle dash of amber color that adds dimension and depth to the base color. With the addition of bed-head waves and short layers, this hairstyle is one for the books. (If anyone still reads those things anymore.)

11. Blonde Wavy Long Bob with Short Layers

wavy blonde layered hair

This shorter chop is fun and spunky: funky, in a word. The waves draw attention to the short layers, while the blonde balayage blends in well with this woman’s medium-brown base color.

12. Wavy Shoulder-Length Cut for Thick Medium-Brown Hair with Toffee Balayage

medium brown layered bob

Could this chop and style be anymore fresh? We didn’t think so. The layers are so expertly snipped in, with a heavy lock of hair framing this woman’s pretty face, almost bang-like. Her waves look so natural and her color so demure. It’s official: we’re smitten with this look.

13. Medium-Length A-line Long Bob with Butterscotch Balayage

wavy medium layered brown hair

If you have dark brown hair but want to go lighter—much lighter—you’ll want to take a cue from this look and try for some subtle balayage instead of all-over color. Other style pointers to take up: that bangin’ A-line long bob shape, those funky choppy layers, and those bold waves.

14. Wavy Shoulder-Length Hair with Chunky Layers and Red/Violet Balayage

wavy layered shoulder length black hair with red balayage

These waves might actually aspire to curl status, but either way they’re stunning. We’re a little bit in love with the burgundy coloring towards the ends, as well as the dynamic mid-length cut, which looks very manageable.

15. Wavy Collarbone-Length Bronde Hair with Layers

wavy medium length layered blonde hair

The mix of creamy blonde balayage with a more natural dark blonde makes for a sweet color palette atop this woman’s noggin. Adding to the stylishness are those killer beachy waves, which extend just past the shoulders for an easy-to-manage length.

16. A-line Long Bob Haircut with Lots of Layers and Waves

wavy a-line long bob haircut with layers for red hair

Another A-line long bob that stuns with its funky asymmetrical quality. Those piecey layers in back demand our attention, while the swirling waves make us lose our focus. Oh, and that picture-perfect, fall-in-a-head-of-hair shade of auburn? The most freaking gorgeous thing we’ve ever seen.

17. Dark-Ash-Brown Wavy Hair with Layers and Super-Subtle Golden-Blonde Balayage

brown medium length layered hair

This shoulder-grazing cut is to die for. It slopes a bit longer in front, while overall choppy layers punctuate the silhouette. The ashy-brown color with slivers of blonde is inspired. Though this woman’s hair is fine, it wears the look well and makes us yearn for a messy long bob that’s just as fresh and easy as this woman’s ‘do.

18. Shoulder-Length Wavy/Messy Gray/Ice-Blonde Hair with Layers

modern shag haircut with layers and ice blonde hair color

The first thing you see with this look is the striking color: an ashy take on platinum blonde. This woman’s dark roots are slightly visible, which makes it look all the more carefree. The next thing you notice are those piecey layers, which spice up her long bob, turning it into a modern shag. We dig it.

19. Rich Dark-Chocolate-Brown Mid-Length Waves with Pecan Balayage and Layers

wavy layered mid length hair with light brown balayage

These chocolate brown waves are thick and full, which means layers (even short ones) are a must. Thankfully this mid-length cut delivers.

20. Messy Dark-Brown Waves with Long Layers

espresso brown wavy messy layered hair

This messy ‘do combines the power of waves with the swagger of choppy layers, resulting in a style that’s wild and romantic and completely unpretentious. The rich brown shade of this woman’s hair takes on no highlights, lowlights, balayage, or babylights. Instead it charms us with its natural tone.

21. Wavy Long Bob with Wispy Layers for Deep-Brown Hair

dark brown layered should length hair

We love this just-past-the-shoulders cut, especially when combined with wispy layers and a deep, rich, smoky-brown base color. The subtle, worked-in waves elevate the look to another level.

22. Mid-Length Dark-Brown Hair with Blonde Balayage and Layers and Waves

wavy brown mid length hair with balayage

These layers are well defined and shorter than most of the ones we’ve seen, but they’re pulling their weight, adding some levity to an already fresh mid-length ‘do. We love how the coppery-blonde balayage seems to sparkle with every bend in the waves of this woman’s hair.

23. Wavy Dark-Chestnut Medium-Length Hair with with Short Layers

chestnut brown balayage on wavy layered mid length hair

These layers are more subtle, and for good reason: they’re allowing the sumptuous wavy strands that make up this woman’s hair to take center stage. The super-subtle balayage done to the ends adds a hint of texture.

24. Mid-Length Wavy Dark-Chocolate-Brown Hair with Lots of Layers

dark brown wavy layered medium length hair

Wowza! Thick wavy strands and long layers are the elements of this hairstyle that define it and give it its unique character. (Women with thicker hair, long layers are your best friend!) That rich chocolate brown with a dash of balayage is making us swoon.

25. Dark-Brown Mid-Length Hair with Cinnamon Balayage and Layers

medium length layered brown wavy hair

These messy, tousled waves are beachy and relaxed. Their shape suggests that they were achieved with the help of hair tools and product, but that just means we can get this look, too. We’re loving the brown-meets-red cinnamon hue of this woman’s shade.

26. Luscious Should-Length Waves with Layers

dark brown wavy mid length layered hair

This woman’s waves look baby-hair-soft. They help to highlight the long layers infused into her medium-length cut, which just hits the shoulders at its longest.

27. Tousled Sunflower-Blonde Shoulder-Length Hair with Choppy Layers

blonde layered mid length hair

Messy hair lovers, feast your eyes on this wonder. The waves are slight, but they’re there, and they’re making us drool with beach-wave jealousy. That blunt line at the bottom of the hair creates a balance between the shorter pieces of layers throughout the hair.

28. Stunning Cinnamon Balayage for Layered Espresso-Brown Hair

caramel brown balayage for wavy dark brown layered hair

Can we talk about this color? It’s “dashes of cinnamon meets rich black-brown,” and it’s to die for. Those waves? Luscious, mesmerizing. The layers? They’re complementing the waves and working so well with the overall length.

29. Auburn Shoulder-Length Layered Hair with Waves Near the Ends

wavy red mid length hair with layers

These waves don’t lie: they were made with a curling iron and some product. But they’re still super-sweet, especially set against this woman’s fiery-red shade and medium-length cut with short layers near the ends.

31. Chestnut-Brown Wavy Shoulder-Length Hair with Layers and White-Blonde Balayage

blonde brown wavy layered medium length hair

The rumpled quality of these locks is darling, and the chestnut shade mixed with white-blonde balayage puts it over the edge. What sends us reeling even more is the slight layering in this shoulder-grazing style.

32. Wavy/Curly Bronde Mid-Length Hair with Layers

dark blonde wavy layered medium length hair

Bronde hair is still having a moment, and we hope it never ends. Look at how lovely this color looks with some big waves introduced into the strands! What caps off the look are piecey layers throughout.

33. Black Wavy Mid-Length Layered Hair

black wavy layered mid-length hair

We can’t remember a time we saw waves that were so bold. What really makes these barrel-rolled strands stand out is the shoulder-length cut, which gives them maximum volume, and that stunning rich-black color.

34. Thick, Bouncy Hickory-Brown Hair with Waves, Layers, and Caramel Balayage

dark brown mid-length wavy hair with caramel balayage

This creative mix of colors—hickory brown and caramel—only helps to accent those big, bouncy waves. What makes the entire look feel like a breath of fresh air is the cut—shoulder length, with lots of layers.

35. Wavy Black Medium-Length Hair with Layers

layered wavy mid length black hair

We love balayage more than life itself, but there’s something so beautifully simple about having only one overall hair color. This shade of black in particular is shiny and luscious. When you throw some beachy waves onto that mid-length chop, you have one stunner of a look.

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