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40 Chin-Length Bob Hairstyles for All Hair Types

You know the phrase “short hair, don’t care”? Of course you do—it’s uttered thousands of times a day and shows up as the caption of every other hair post on Instagram. Well, guess what? We couldn’t be bigger proponents of it. The 40 spunky bobs that follow are—we’re not going to mince words here—damn short. So if you DGAF but you do love having a killer hairstyle, then try one of these chin-length bob haircuts on for size.

1. Chin-Length Medium-Ash-Brown Hair Bob for Straight, Fine Hair

short brown messy bob

Kay Wilson

Kay Wilson works your typical beige-collar office job by day (the collar used to be white, but she repeatedly spilled coffee on it). By night she keeps things interesting by spilling red wine, runs, reads, and blogs at Hairstyle Guru.

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