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40 Times We Wished for Big Curly Hair

After decades of repressing curls with relaxers, hot combs, and blow outs, women have had enough and are embracing their big and beautiful curls. The media is overflowing with heads full of curls and whole markets created to enhance and celebrate...

Purple Hair Color Ideas

21 Bold Burgundy Hair Color Ideas

Say the word “burgundy,” and a glass of red wine probably appears on the projector in your mind. But “burgundy” applies to so much more than just an adult beverage. It’s this year’s most vivacious hair color trend...

23 Dreamy Purple Hairstyles to Drool Over

From soft lilacs to vibrant violets, purple and all of its shades are reigning supreme on the hair scene right now. There’s one for any FOMO-induced mood or tumbleweed whim. Do you want to be noticed like the queen you are? Nothing says...

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