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10 Effortless Hairstyles You Can Try at Home

Woke up late? No problem! Here are some quick, beautiful, effortless hairstyles that you can try at home. Ditch the salon for some simple yet chic hairstyles that can be done in a few steps! And the best part is, you won’t have to leave your home!

1. Fast and Easy Curls

Curling your hair can be a big time killer, especially if you have a lot of hair. Using this method, you can achieve loose curls without spending a whole lot of time doing so.

Step By Step Instructions

• First, secure your hair in a ponytail
• Split the ponytail in half with your fingers, then wrap one-half of the ponytail around a 1-inch curling wand. Hold for about 10 seconds then curl the other half.
• Let down the ponytail then separate the curls with your fingers and voilà! You have curled hair in under ten minutes!

2. The Infamous Sock Bun

We have all seen girls walking around with the perfect bun, but never understood how they did it. Must have taken them a lot of time, right? Wrong! Using this method, you will have that popular bun that everyone is rocking in about ten minutes or less!

Step by Step Instructions

• First, select a sock that is a similar color to your hair. Then, cut the end of the sock and roll it into a doughnut shape.
• Then, put your hair in a ponytail. Pull your ponytail through the sock ring and have your sock at the base of the ponytail.
• Once the bun is at the base of your ponytail, you can slide the sock to the end of your hair. Wrap the ends around the sock, then roll it up! A bun should start to form.
• To finish off the bun, make sure the sock isn’t visible. You may want to use bobby pins to keep the bun in place.

3. Bob Haircuts for Thin Hair

Among many other hairstyles, bob haircuts are perfect for fine hair. They are low-maintenance and they make your hair appear thicker. Plus, they are cute and can be styled in many ways.

Step by Step Instructions

• An easy way to change up your bob is by moving the part or changing the texture.
• For example, you’ll want to part your hair to the side
• Curl your hair and make a curving part. Hold the curls for only a few seconds to achieve more loose curls. This will be sure to change up the look of your bob!

4. Flower Braid

Braids can be one of the most effortless hairstyles out there. There are so many ways to style with braids so your look will never be boring. This flower braid is unique and unlike any other braid. It’s effortless and can be done in just a couple of steps.

Step by Step Instructions

• First, grab a 1-inch section from each side of your head just above the ears. Bring the sections to the back of your head then secure with a rubber band.
• Use hair underneath the rubber band to braid a two-inch braid. Secure this braid with another rubber band.
• Wrap the braid around the base of itself to form a flower shape. Use bobby pins to secure the flower on your head.

5. Braided Ponytail

Step by Step Instructions

Spice up your old regular ponytail with just a few braids! This braided ponytail look is absolutely stunning!

• First, grab a small section of hair above the ears. Braid this section then repeat on the other side of your head.
• Then, Bring the two braids to the back of your head and secure them with a rubber band.
• Remove the rubber band and gather your hair along with the braids to form a ponytail. Secure the ponytail with a rubber band.

6. Half Up Top Knot

Step by Step Instructions

Top knots are effortless but look so beautiful. They work for many hair types and lengths. The best part is, it doesn’t take much time or skill to accomplish this look. Missed your alarm? No problem! Give yourself a few minutes and you will have a cute hairstyle that everyone will adore!

• First, use a tail comb to create a part on each side of your head. This will form a huge section of hair for the top of your head.
• Then, secure this section with the rubber band being closer to your roots.
• After you secure the section, hold up the section then twist it.
• Finally, roll the section down into a bun and secure with bobby pins.

7. Triple Bun

Step by Step Instructions

Making three small buns couldn’t get any easier! With these well-positioned buns, your hair will have an elegant vibe to it. Perfect for any occasion!

• First, separate your hair into three evenly sized low ponytails. Secure the ponytails with a rubber band.
• Then, place a rubber band 2 inches from the ends of your hair. This will help keep the ponytails in place for the next step.
• Starting with the middle ponytail, wrap the hair from the bottom to the top of your hair. Pin the bun at the base of the ponytail
• Repeat the previous step for the other two ponytails

8. Tuck and Cover

Step by Step Instructions

The tuck and cover is probably one of the easiest hairstyles to do, anyone could accomplish it! It’s so simple yet so cute and is another one of those hairstyles that only takes a few minutes.

• First, slide one headband to hold back the front of your hair. Then slide another headband over the top of your head slightly touching your forehead. This will hold back the back of your hair.
• Starting from the left, grab 1-inch of hair and roll it up to the headband. Tuck the hair into the headband and pull it through so that the ends stick out.
• Then, pick up another 1-inch section and combine it with the tail of the last section and tuck it into the band.
• Continue this method until you tuck all of the hair.
• Slide the headband back and you will be complete! This works best on day two or three of hair being washed.

9. Super Long Ponytail Trick

Step by Step Instructions

Long ponytails are so cute, but what if you have shorter hair? It can’t grow inches overnight! Don’t worry folks, here is a quick tip on achieving a longer-looking ponytail.

• First, if your hair isn’t naturally wavy, you may want to use a curling iron. This tip works best with wavy hair.
• Grab two rubber bands: One large and one small.
• Gather the top section of your hair (like if you were going to wear it half up) and secure the hair into a pony using the regular-sized rubber band.
• Take the rest of your hair- the bottom section- to form a second ponytail at the bottom of your head. Secure this ponytail with a tiny rubber band. You want the hair to lie as flat as possible!
• Fluff up the top ponytail to help conceal the second ponytail. Then that’s it! Your hair will appear like it has doubled in length!

10. Beach Waves

Step by Step Instructions

Going to the beach always gives you that perfect beach wave look. What if there was an easier way (instead of traveling) to get that look? And it’s effortless too!

• First you will want to take a shower and towel-dry your hair. Then spray a sea salt spray into your hair.
• Then you will want to blow dry your hair without using brushes. Crunch up your hair with your hands to help your waves form.
• If you would like your hair curlier, you can use a 1-inch curling want to curl the bottom half of your hair. Only hold the wand to your hair for a few seconds to get that loose curl look.
• Finger comb your hair until it’s perfect, wavy, and looks like you have just spent a whole day at the beach!

Finding Time for Your Hair

Sometimes it can be difficult to find the time to do your hair. However, you don’t have to spend all day to make your hair look nice. Sometimes even the most effortless hairstyles can look beautiful and well put together.

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