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Luxurious Haircuts: The 7 Most Expensive Hairdressers In The World

In most cases, a haircut is just another expense that must be accounted for every after a few months. Some people even opt to cut their own hair as ask their friends to do the haircut to save money. But on the other end of the spectrum, there are those who spend seemingly absurd amounts of money on haircuts. They go to the most exclusive hairstylers who can charge high prices because of their notoriety and impeccable skills.

For these financially wealthy individuals (celebrities most of them), a hairstyle is just as important as undergoing a plastic surgery, and they pay a similarly high price. It is not just celebrities getting these exorbitantly priced coifs: business leaders, lawyers, and persons with high-paying jobs in the corporate world are willing to shell out a bit of extra money for just the right hair-do. So, who are these skilled stylists? Let’s meet the seven most expensive hairstylists in the world:

Laurent Dufourg

Hairstylist to celebrities like Madonna and Charlize Theron, Laurent Dufourg operates two salons: one in New York and the other branch is in Los Angeles. For Laurent to do a simple haircut, celebrities and corporate A-listers should expect to shell out at least $300. There are, of course, additional costs for highlights and other services.

His salon, Prive, is built to meet the expectations of high paying clients, with authentic 18th sand brick, private rooms, and other amenities. Plus, Dufourg has been cutting hair since he was 16, so you know he’s got the skills to back up his expensive services.

Serge Normant

Getting your haircut by a bald man may seem like a poor decision making, but this is not the case when it comes to Serge Normant. Normant has cut the hair of celebrities like Julia Roberts, Elizabeth Banks, and Fergie. Much of his work is seen by the public eye on magazine covers and on high-fashion runways. A simple cut from Normant will cost you, at least, $500, and you can expect to pay even more if you desire more than a trim.

Chris McMillan

Jennifer Aniston has long been admired for her amazing, flowing hair. We all have Chris McMillan to thank for that. While $600 may seem like a great investment to her, it is a whole lot more expensive than the average price that an average person pays for their coif. The price includes McMillan’s experience of over three decades of hair styling. Currently, based in Beverly Hills, McMillan also writes for Allure magazine.

Frederic Fekkai

If people thought $300 was expensive for a haircut in the ‘90s, they should see what stylist Frederic Fekkai is charging now. He has more than doubled his price, and his clientele list includes celebrities such as Uma Thurman, Salma Hayek, and Scarlett Johanssen. Much like Dufourg, Fekkai has two salons in the hubs of famous people in the United States: New York and Los Angeles. Not satisfied to simply make his fortune off of hair styling, he also released his own line of hair products, which sell for $22 a bottle or more.

Stuart Phillips

Stylist to Jamie Oliver and Benicio Del Toro, Stuart Phillips does not generally charge as much as the other stylists on this list, with his most basic price being only $300. He has been known to allow his clients to splurge though: Beverly Lateo, an Italian property designer, once shelled out $16,000 on a haircut by Phillips. This price included a few extras, of course, in the form of a champagne lunch, personalize haircare products and a massage. If a US-based celebrity wants a Phillip’s exclusive haircut service, they may have to shell out a bit more. His salon is located in London.

Ken Modestou

For the average celebrity, Ken Modestou may be a budget choice, but for the Sultan of Brunei, Modestou is anything other than modestly priced. The Sultan has such a preference for Modestou that he flies him out to his palace once every several weeks for a trim, and pays for the stylist’s entire journey, which adds up to approximately $23,000.

Rossano Ferretti

If you want your hair done by someone with an incredible pedigree, look no further than Rossano Ferretti. He is known to have the most expensive haircut charging at $1,500, and he has been styling hair for high-end fashion shows featuring Dior, Armani, and Yves St. Laurent, for many years. He is also responsible for the styles of Angelina Jolie. He has a unique style, in which he uses the natural fall of a client’s hair to complement their face, as opposed to the typical technique of cutting and then shaping the hair.

For many people, these stylists may be financially out of reach, especially for regular visits. It may be worth it, however, to splurge on them every once in awhile. The hefty price tag often covers other amenities not included in your standard haircut. Aside from that, it always includes the knowledge that you are now connected to some of the biggest names in pop-culture.

Carmella Johnson

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