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23 No-Fuss Hairstyles for Thin Hair

In the realm of physical fitness, “thin” is touted as a good thing. We are told—or, more accurately, barked at—to strive for thin bodies. When it comes to hairstyles, we’re informed that thin is out—thick is best. So women with thin hair take to their bathrooms, curling, crimping, and moussing up their manes into various levels of va-va-voom volume.

But what if we didn’t necessarily need to do that to have thicker hair? What if we could do diddly-squat to our hair in the morning and, by the afternoon, still have a bit of bounce and fullness?

We have news for you. Some haircuts will actually create the illusion of thicker, fuller hair. Of course you don’t have to throw out your products or tools, but these cuts may just make you feel less indebted to them. For the best haircuts to make thin hair seem thicker, check out the 23 styles below.

1. Kirsten Dunst’s Adorable Light-Blonde Bob with Bangs


Kirsten Dunst’s bright-blonde bob is not only picture-perfect, but it’s also making her hair seem fuller than it is. This chin-length cut with soft face-framing angles is creating an illusion of fullness that otherwise wouldn’t be there if her hair were long. Word of warning: If your hair is not just thin but thinning, forgo the bangs. It’s not going to help you in that department.

2. Super-Blunt Bob with Messy Bangs


Here’s the thing to remember about blunt lines: They are your best friend if you have thin hair. Women with thick hair need layers to take out weight and give their hair shape. But women with thin hair? If you add layers, aka remove weight, it won’t help you. Above, we see this in full effect. The blunt line of the cut gives it substance, not to mention drama. We also love the gorgeous raven color of this woman’s hair.

3. Curled-Under Long Bob That’s Angled at the Face


This cut has only very short, light layers. In fact, they’re barely noticeable. But what is noticeable is how full this woman’s hair looks. (Granted, she seems to have hair that’s somewhat in the middle of the thin-to-thick spectrum, but this cut would still be a winner for women with very thin hair.) We’re gushing over the babylights in her sumptuous dark brown hair, too.

4. Carey Mulligan’s Grown-Out Pixie Cut with Short, Choppy Layers


Carey Mulligan is the epitome of adorable. When she chopped off her blonde locks to reveal a chic but very short pixie cut, she proved that she could handle the most daring of styles. Here, her signature ‘do has grown out a bit, and it’s all the more charming for it. The piecey layers would work great for women with thin hair due to their short length and texture.

5. Collarbone-Length Cut with Choppy Bangs for Thin Brown Hair


If you have fine or thin hair, this is about as long as you’re going to want to go with your ‘do. The longer your hair gets, the more it gets weighed down, which ends up making thin hair look even thinner. Luckily with this cut, the lack of significant layers will provide some substance, while the slight texturizing at the ends add movement.

6. Super-Blunt Straight Platinum-Blonde Bob with Razor-Sharp Ends


Want a look that’s sassy and fun? You’ve found it in this edgy platinum-blonde bob with razor-sharp ends. The blunt effect is absolutely killer—the sleek, straightened quality of these blonde locks helps to accentuate that bluntness. The middle part is classic, but it can easily be switched up to either side when you want to add lift to your hair.

7. Messy, Volumized Auburn Ponytail for Long Bobs with Face-Framing Strands


This look has obviously been achieved with some of the many products and tools that are available to women everywhere, with hair of every thickness level imaginable. But we included it as an example of a style that’ll treat thin-haired women right, even if you don’t add quite the level of volume the stylist has injected into this woman’s hair bump. In addition to the dramatic hair poof, we’re fans of the textured ends of her hair and its rich auburn hue.

8. Layered Long Pixie Cut


This hairstyle is “long pixie cut meets short graduated bob.” The layers in the back are short, which means they won’t take away too much length but will add some much-needed movement. Of course the overall length is extremely short, which means you’ll benefit from the fact that your hair’s not being weighed down by extra strands. However it also means you’ll need to be ready to take the Pixie Plunge. (You can do it.)

9. Sleek Honey-Blonde Bob with Textured Ends


This cut is epically gorgeous, and not just because this woman has beautiful honey-colored hair. The textured ends and ever-so-light layering throughout her fine hair really make the cut pop. The jagged part, which is located slightly off center, adds even more subtle interest to a multifaceted ‘do.

10. Messy Razored Long Bob with Light Purple Coloring


Here’s a spunky cut that’ll really get you noticed. The ends of this woman’s thin hair have been razored, giving them texture and making them dance. The length of the hair near her face is shorter than the overall length and varied, which adds interest and draws the eye up toward her stunning eyes.

11. Short Amber-Red Bob with Chunky Layers


We threw this bob into the mix because it has great movement and texture. But, seeing as how this woman’s hair isn’t the thinnest ever, you might want to reconsider the layers (or at least the length of the layers) if your hair is indeed quite fine. The short length and swooping side part will give some oomph to your ‘do regardless of its thickness.

12. Long Pixie Cut with Middle Part and Bangs


We think this pixie cut has a lot going for it. It’s sweet and mature looking, but it’s also trendy, with the addition of parted bangs. Best of all, it’ll make thin hair look ravishing.

13. Lucy Hale’s Blunt Long Bob with Side Part


Another key to creating volume? Changing up the location of your part. Just flipping your hair side to side is going to add volume, even if it lasts for only a few minutes. Here, Lucy Hale’s done a fine job of representing a side part on a blunt bob. Even though her hair is straight, it has substance due to the cut’s overall lack of layers. The highlights in her tresses also help to add dimension.

14. Longer-in-Back Grown-Out Pixie Cut


How darling is this look? It’s a slightly longer pixie cut, but still very squarely in pixie territory. It’s also perfect if you have thin or fine straight hair. The short layering, especially in the back, steeps this cut in bulk and fullness. The short strands in front of the ears, whisked as they are away from the rest of the hair, look effortlessly chic.

15. Long-in-Front Pixie Cut with Light-Gray Coloring


This edgy pixie cut changes things up by going long in front. It definitely has elements of a graduated bob, but going for a cut this short is going to require a few more cajones than going for a bob will. What’s great for women with thin hair is the short length, the deep side part, and the textured ends.

16. Razored Long Bob with Dramatic Side Part


Voila! A perfect example of how flipping up your part, literally, can create the illusion of volume. We love the supreme coolness this look imparts to its wearer. The messy, undefined part and choppy ends help to make this woman’s thin hair seem full of life.

17. Short Full Bangs and a Razored Long Bob


If you’ve got thin hair and you’re looking for a cut that’s a little bit punk and a whole lot stylish, you’ve come to the right place. We love the slight asymmetry to the ends of this cut, as well as the razor technique that’s been done on them. The short blunt bangs and angled strands by the face couldn’t be more hip.

18. Slightly Asymmetrical Bob with Face-Framing Layers and Side Part


This fresh, lovely look is made possible by the slight asymmetry and angling of the face-framing strands, as well as the deep side part. If you have thin hair and you want to make it appear thicker and fuller, this ‘do will do wonders for you. Bonus points go to the sensationally pretty orange-red color.

19. Sweet Bob with Deep Side Part, Bangs, and Violet Coloring


If this post were a style master class, this look would get an A+. It’s doing so many things right when it comes to helping thin hair appear thicker: it’s nailing the deep side part, the short length, the blunt bob style—and it’s even earning extra credit with an all-over deep purple hue and trendy side-swept bangs. Bravo.

20. Sleek Curled-Under Bob with Short Bangs


Here’s another look that leans heavily on a musical subgenre, but this time it’s heavy metal. Still, this ‘do isn’t intimidating. It’s cute, approachable, and totally achievable if you have thin hair. The short baby bangs are trendy, while the blunt but curled-under ends of the bob are timeless. Even though there’s not a lot of movement due to the cut’s sleek nature, there’s a whole lot of interest and sex appeal due to its angular shape.

21. Messy Bob with Piecey Bangs


This tousled bob with side-swept, piecey bangs is charming the pants off us. The blunt ends will do big things for thin or fine hair—so will the lack of layers and the messy texture.

22. Angled Platinum-Blonde Bob


This style is much more sleek and tamed than the last look, but it has just as much potential for making thin hair look thicker, albeit for different reasons. The angularity of the cut is going to provide structure to thin hair, while the asymmetry is going to add interest and charm the eye.

23. Hayden Panettiere’s Sleek Bob with Side-Swept Bangs


With a sleek long bob and side bangs, Hayden Panettiere looks drop-dead gorgeous—but that’s really nothing new for her. If you have thin hair that’s also pretty straight, this look could be your next signature style. You can add a bit of interest to the classic look by bringing a few strands in front of your ears, like Hayden’s done here. It’ll make any short layers stand out, bringing attention to all the right places of your dynamic ‘do.

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