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23 No-Fuss Hairstyles for Thin Hair

In the realm of physical fitness, “thin” is touted as a good thing. We are told—or, more accurately, barked at—to strive for thin bodies. When it comes to hairstyles, we’re informed that thin is out—thick is best. So women with thin hair take to their bathrooms, curling, crimping, and moussing up their manes into various levels of va-va-voom volume.

But what if we didn’t necessarily need to do that to have thicker hair? What if we could do diddly-squat to our hair in the morning and, by the afternoon, still have a bit of bounce and fullness?

We have news for you. Some haircuts will actually create the illusion of thicker, fuller hair. Of course you don’t have to throw out your products or tools, but these cuts may just make you feel less indebted to them. For the best haircuts to make thin hair seem thicker, check out the 23 styles below.

1. Kirsten Dunst’s Adorable Light-Blonde Bob with Bangs


Kirsten Dunst’s bright-blonde bob is not only picture-perfect, but it’s also making her hair seem fuller than it is. This chin-length cut with soft face-framing angles is creating an illusion of fullness that otherwise wouldn’t be there if her hair were long. Word of warning: If your hair is not just thin but thinning, forgo the bangs. It’s not going to help you in that department.

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