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20 Short Haircuts for Asian Women

Short hair offers so many variations. Short locks may be soft, edgy, kinky and smooth and they definitely make a woman more feminine and attractive.

Have you decided to go short? The short hairdo requires courage, but if you dare, then it’ll give you the feeling of freedom, and will mark a new lease of life. Flirty curls create the necessary dynamics and smooth layers frame the face. Short cuts may bring out your best facial features – elegant cheekbones, sparkling eyes, and they can set off a beautiful complexion.

Short haircuts fit perfect Asian girls since they have dense and flat hair. A short hairstyle gives you endless possibilities: you can add bangs, make the gradient, create several layers, which add volume. Everything is limited by the degree of your bravery and imagination.

Check out these twenty short haircuts for Asian women, and opt among the diversity of hairstyles the sassiest look!

1. Textured Strands Are Great for an Urban Look


This messy bob fits perfectly the round face. With tousled strands, the cut looks more voluminous and the facial features become softer. Combine the hairstyle with a festive makeup and you’ll conquer the world.

2. Choppy Layers with Side-Swept Bangs


A teased side forelock puts a focus on elegant facial features, the bouffant on the top and layers on the nape create the effect of dense locks. The cut is for self-confident women.

3. Ultra Chic Kinky Layers


When choosing among all trendy haircuts, a curly pixie is something, which should be considered! The effect of slight negligence is always attractive.

4. Modern Version of the Bowl Cut


A short bowl cut is balanced out with a textured fringe. The cut is a perfect part of a feminine look.

5. Cheeky Look: Tinted Strands with a Long Fringe


Choose the trendy hairstyle to show how daring you are! Asymmetrical lines, combined with tousled texture, catch an eye.

6. Pretty in Gold: Shaggy Curls for More Volume


We’re mesmerized by tenderness and femininity the cut oozes! If you want to make it look awesome, use some gel or wax to add some shape to locks and let them lie freely.

7. Messy Strands for Sparse Hair


Elegance is always a win-win option! Your gentle facial features will be emphasized by chopping strands.

8. Inspired by Audrey Hepburn: Sleek Pixie


Vintage is always a trend! A short pixie is timeless, but if you want to freshen up the look, add some layers to the bangs.

9. Curly Bob with Exposed Roots for a Round Face


This hairstyle will win your heart! An angled bob may look ordinary, but with ashy hues on wavy strands and darkened roots, the cut looks fancy.

10. Boyish Haircut with Blunt Bangs

If you choose simplicity, you won’t regret! Make jagged tips and have strands cut as layers, if you assume that it is too simple, then you may play with colors or add bright accessories to make the image unique.

11. Going Short & Smooth


Do you want to make a statement? Choose a purely bunt forelock with elongated temples as one of the ways to express yourself.

12. Subtle Waves and a Slanting Bangs


The cut allows much flexibility for styling: you may curl the tips, boost the roots or leave locks flat. A slanting forelock makes the look sophisticated.

13. Tousled Look: Faded Sides, Messy Top with a Deep Side Part


This cut needs a futuristic feel! If there’s nothing ordinary about you, show it to others! A side-swept long fringe creates a great contrast to the wavy top and faded sides add a zest! The whole look is smashing.

14. Vintage Textured Curls


Soft waves combed to one side, put an emphasis on cheekbones and open the neck. A combination of ash-gray and beige shades makes the cut look “expensive”. It’ll work well with a cocktail dress.

15. Stunning Bleached Mohawk Hairstyle


The color will definitely inspire envy in people with edgy cuts and the variety of shapes and textures will defy the society. Undercut, spiky strands and asymmetrical facial strands make up a cool final look!

16. Curly Red Crown with an Undercut

This twisted crown with faded sides and the nape is so eye-catching! It sends a congruent message: “Young, wild and free!” It is easy to maintain: use some textured gel and setting spray and the hairstyle will last for the whole day!

17. A Throwback to the Classic Cuts of the 60s


Searching for something elegant, but at the same time trendy? Then go for a retrospective cut! It’ll only accentuate the natural smoothness and shine of your hair.

18. Perfect Casual Style: Short Haircut with Arched Bangs

A plain short cut may be enhanced by some amusing details. If you opt an ordinary short hairstyle without any injections of bright colors, then don’t allow it to look mediocre. An arched forelock will make the look trendier.

19. Copper Funky Curls


Do you bet on a bright color? Great! But don’t forget about the texture. Short ringlets will look girlish and add a bit of coquetry.

20. Sultry Layers with a Side Fringe and Root Volume

If you have a round face, then a volumetric hairdo is a must! The choppy forelock towards the ends causes asymmetry, which looks dramatic. This is what you need if you want to be in the spotlight!

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