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Trend Stalk: The Low Bun (23 Photos)

Bun, knot, chignon—whatever you want to call it, it translates to “on point in 2016.” This hairstyle is chic without being complicated, slick without being stuffy. It’s a twisting, turning orb of elegance. With its latest locale at the nape of the neck, you’ll love the unassuming but dreamy profile it gives you. So bring on the low buns, 2016—we’re ready for ’em.

1. Messy but Keeping It Together

Image via Pinterest

Strands on strands on strands–this unkempt low bun is romantic and coolly tomboyish at the same time.

2. Loose in the Front, Knotted in the Back

Image via Pinterest

A couple good-sized strands left to fall around the face keep this look fresh and unexpected.

3. Chic Brownish-Blonde Low Bun

Image via tumblr

If you want to sport a hairstyle that’s complicated and time-consuming, look elsewhere. This trendy look requires simply pulling your hair back and then separating a few strands by your face for a touch of romance.

4. Tight Platinum-Blonde Rockstar Bun

Image via

What’s sleeker than this bun? If you don this well-combed platinum blonde style, you’ll have people stopping you on the street asking the name of your hairstylist and when her next opening is. We pretty much guarantee it.

5. Quick Messy Ombre Low Knot

ombre low bun

This low number gets a special boost with great color highlighting the knot itself.

6. Regal Thick Blonde Low Bun

Image via tumblr

Perfect for a fancy affair, this glamorous yet messy low bun will have people swooning over your lovely locks.

7. Drapey Very Low Bun for Long Hair

Image via

How low can you go? This look dares to drop the knot even farther down–it’s situated at the very top of the back rather than the neck.

8. Easy Hidden-Hair-Tie Low Bun

Image via

This bun keeps things sensible and stylish. It’s perfect for an early morning at the office or a late-night study session. The wrapped strand of hair around the base of the bun finishes off the versatile look.

9. Side Braid Meets Low Bun

Image via

If you’re a braid fanatic, try out this cute ’do. The thick braid at the temple adds an extra dimension to the already classy style.

10. Super Messy Bun

Image via Pinterest

It doesn’t get more rocker chic than this. Tangled, chaotic, asymmetrical—this ’do just doesn’t give a damn. And that’s exactly why we love it.

11. Fancy and Free Low Bun

Image via Pinterest

Feeling romantic? Or maybe just indecisive over whether to wear your hair up or down? Pull not just strands of hair from your bun but generous sections—then curl them softly for a look that will frame your face and make everyone gaze at you with a dopey grin.

12. Dark Haired Low Bun with Splashes of Color

Image via

The dashes of color in this model’s rich brown hair provide the perfect backdrop for a low messy bun.

13. Low Tousled Bun with Long Bangs

Image via Pinterest

Sweet, uncomplicated, with slight frizz and long bangs, this look will allow you time to contemplate life’s important questions—like why anyone ever let Britney leave the house looking like this, or what to order for brunch.

14. Messy/Sexy Low Bun

Image via

Perfect color. Perfect mass of hair pulled back into a bun. Perfectly waved strand in front of the ear. Nope, we’re not developing an inferiority complex. Not at all.

15. Loose Low Bun with Lovely Red Coloring

Image via

With gorgeous red color loosely gathered at the back, this hairstyle is playful and pretty.

16. Fire-Red Chignon

Image via Pinterest

This one’s another charming updo that features astonishing color.

17. Low Updo with Long Bangs 

Image via Pinterest

This look is perfect for women with short, fine hair. Wear this to a dress-up event, and you’ll be the belle of the ball.

18. Fancy Braided Low Bun

Image via

You might need an extra pair of hands on this one, but enduring your friend’s grumbling will be worth it when you’ve got this gorgeous updo.

19. Disheveled Wrap Bun

Image via

This knot wraps itself right around our heartstrings and tugs. The tousled look gives the ’do a feeling of lightness and a lack of pretension.

20. Super Sleek No-Nonsense Chignon

Image via

Are you high-powered CEO? Elementary schoolteacher? Principal dancer in a ballet company? Whatever your profession, if you need to command attention, you need to sport this smooth, glossy classic. No fly-aways in front, no strands coming loose in the back–it’s all business and, at the same time, all style.

21. Ombre Low Knot for Short Hair

Image via

Want to highlight your fresh new ombre dye job? When you need a break from wearing your hair down, pull it back into this loose low knot. The breezy, sweeping strands and pretty twist will complement your color.

22. Simple Pretty Low Twist

Image via Pinterest

Did anyone else start absentmindedly singing Ace of Base’s “Don’t Turn Around” when they spied this low bun? Because we don’t want her seeing us tearing up over how stunning her hairdo is—that’d be awkward.

23. Glossy Brown Locks in a Low-Key Bun

Image via

Set aside the fact that this amazingly shiny hair should be featured in a Pantene commercial–it’s the low, flippy bun that really got our attention. The look has a relaxed coolness to it that’ll work whether you’re headed to Starbucks or throwing down big bucks on a night out.

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