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9 Stylish Men’s Hairstyles That Look Great on Women (AKA The Best Unisex Hairstyles)

Sorry to break it to you, but there are some hairstyles that just do not look good if you’re a man. And there are plenty of men’s haircuts that will just look unpleasant on a woman. But the reverse is true as well, and that’s what we’re here to talk about today.

There are all sorts of styles that are just darling, really sexy hairdos that look great on you whether you’re a man, woman, or anything in between. We picked out 9 of our favourites.

1 – The Pixie Cut

The pixie cut is THE short hair style for women. It is so popular, it is pretty much the default hairstyle when you’re a lady and you tell your hairdresser you want short hair. And there’s no debate over why. Pixie cuts look ridiculously good. Especially paired with some subtle makeup that brings out your eye colour and accentuates your facial features, it’s a knockout look.

But that style cut isn’t just great for ladies. This style looks great on young, clean-cut men. It’s no surprise – the pixie cut originally was a masculine style of haircut that was adopted by some very fashionable, very intelligent women.

2 – The Top Knot

This hairstyle is great because it achieves two different looks – not to mention how easy it is to pull off. All you do is tie your hair up. A child could give itself this hairstyle without ever being taught how.

On women, the top knot looks sophisticated. Clean, smart, and classy. You’re the woman who runs the show. You’re not the First Lady, you’re Madam President. That’s the look this style achieves.

On men, especially paired with a killer beard, well that’s the look of a samurai. A warrior. A total badass. That’s the look that says formidable, strong, but respectful and wise. If you’re going for a hairstyle that just screams confidence, this is the one.

3 – The Afro

This is one of the original unisex hairstyles. Some of the sexiest black men and women in history have rocked the afro. From movie stars to music idols, it’s one of the most brazen and bold ways you can wear your hair. For men and women with thick curls, this style is a fantastic way to turn them into a great, head-turning style.

The afro is an enduring style that has remained trendy and hot for decades. And it will remain an iconic and fashionable style for decades, maybe even centuries to come.

4 – Dreads

Dreads aren’t exactly an office, 9-5, blue collar worker kind of hairstyle. For the creative types, the people who like to experiment and make things, for those people who like to get their hands dirty, the dreadlocks are a great way to keep your hair in check and show off some personality all at once.

Traditionally, dreadlocks were often a guy’s hairstyle, but these days there are all kinds of women trying the style out and it really works for them. You would think that this style would only work for dark hair, but I actually saw someone with beach-blonde dreadlocks the other day and it looked outstanding.

Getting good-looking dreads to form isn’t always easy, depending on your hair type, but if you can pull it off, it will be worth it.

5 – The Undercut

The undercut is a newer style, that’s really becoming a hot trend. It really became mainstream around 2015-2016, and ever since, it’s been everywhere. It’s one of the best men’s styles out there, and when it’s paired with a thick, handsome beard? Guys like that can send a delightful shiver down your spine with a mere glance.

And it’s a style that really works for the ladies too. More and more, we’ve been seeing women absolutely nailing this look, and we love it. Something about it just looks so fierce on a woman.

This is a haircut you’ll love every day you have it. It may require frequent trips to the salon/barber to keep things lined up, but it’s so worth it.

Oh, and seeing a couple rocking this do together would be the cutest thing ever. Please universe, make this a thing.

6 – Balayage Highlighting

Hair colouring in general is often seen done by women. Though it’s usually ladies turning golden hair to silver or chestnut to teal, men can pull it off too. In that same vein, we have balayage highlighting. This style of highlighting looks so beautiful. It’s such an artistic and awesome way to get your hair styled.

This is definitely the style for the artists out there. Writers. Painters. Craftspeople. Musicians. Dancers. Tattoo artists. This is the style that really shows off your creativity.

This style has so much versatility. You can go simple, just doing an alternate shade from your natural colour, or you could get really fancy and go with vibrant streaks.

7 – Slicked Back

This is the men’s business type hairstyle. This is the do of the handsome men in suits carrying briefcases into the office. Men of the professional world all over the globe share this style, whether their hair is longer, or shorter. However, this look shouldn’t be reserved just for the suits.

Everyone – men, women, transgender – can pull this hairstyle off. Slicking the hair back is simple, there’s almost nothing involved in achieving the look. Quick, easy, clean and proper, the slicked look is perfect for formal settings.

Even the Kardashians have occasionally worn their hair like this from time to time.

When it comes to slicked hair on women, it especially looks good with dark coloured shorter hair.

8 – The Side Cut

Popularized by Skrillex, the side cut was originally a grungy kind of style; something you’d see at a metal or punk concert, or in a more underground club or rave. But these days it’s become mainstream, and we love it.

The asymmetrical style creates such an intriguing and artsy flair. One of the reasons we love it is because it stands out, but doesn’t look gaudy. It’s bold. It makes a statement about you when you can wear it confidently.

The best part is, despite its origins, if you just wear it neatly then this style can still be very appropriate for even the strictest workplace setting. Maybe some day in the distant future, our ancestors will laugh at the side cut the way we laugh at the mullet. But right here and now? It’s a solid, stand-out style that men and women can both wear with pride.

9 – The Dandy

Now it’s time for a retro hairstyle. The dandy cut was popular back in the day for a lot of reasons, but it mostly just boils down to this: it looks sophisticated and handsome. And that’s probably why it’s been making a comeback. But these days it’s not just men wearing their hair like this. A lot of modern women are putting a feminine spin on the dandy.

This is great. For short haired women, this style looks so great. It’s got excellent volume, it works well with fine hair or wavy hair, and it’s cute yet conservative. This is a low-key hairstyle that doesn’t stand out, but it completes your look perfectly.

Jusin Bounds

Justin Bounds is the founder of The Barbr – a Hair Care blog providing useful, honest advice and information to help his readers take better care of their hair. He is a professional hairstylist for years and also the author of ‘How to choose the best barber clippers’. You can visit his blog or Twitter to learn more about his work.

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